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What practical arguments does Paine present in favor of the independence of the American colonies? Name and discuss at least two. Paine presented multiple arguments in his pamphlet, Common Sense. One of his arguments that stood out to me the most is that regarding the monarchy and hereditary succession. Paine describes how nobody chooses to live poorly and cannot choose the status of their descendants and the importance and idea of equality. He describes the difference between Kinds and subjects as being unnecessary and unethical. Everyone is equal at creation.

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People of the colonies could relate to this on a religious aspect as well, because the Bible supports his statements. Paine supported the beliefs of freedom of property to all men and freedom on religion. Paine also discussed America and the relationship with Great-Britain. Paine stated that America had become dependent on Great-Brittany and that success and happiness should not be reliant on another country. He wrote that Great-Britain had nobody interest in mind but their own. Paine also pointed out the unnecessary quarrels with other countries such as

France and Spain, due to the fact that we were involved with Great-Britain and pictured them as the parent country. He introduced the idea of having each colony be independent and have representatives chosen by the people. 2. Many scholars consider this document vital in swinging public opinion toward independence in early 1776. Why do you think it was so effective in this regard? I think that Pain’s pamphlet regarding Common Sense was the turning point for the Colonies to declare independence from Great-Britain.

Although America was considered a British nation, it had influences from all over the European continent. His writings are simplistic and easy to understand, even to the common man. He provided valid arguments and was very logical – he provided a new view on life that the American’s had not completely considered yet. Many citizens of America were on the edge of wanted independence or not. I don’t believe that Pain’s writings were the deciding factor, but I do think that it was extremely influential to people in all of the colonies.


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