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History of Bagumbayan Pililla, Rizal

I. HISTORY OF BARANGAY BAGUMBAYAN 1. Brief Origin: The word Bagumbayan originated from the word Bagong-bayan. 2. Climate and Geographical Description: a. Climate: The place is mostly hot throughout the year except when there is rain or typhoon or during the months of January and February. The dry and rainy seasons prevail in the area the whole year round. The dry season is usually during the month of November and April and from May to October, the rainy season. b. Soil: Bagumbayan has 4 kinds of soil namely; the Antipolo Soil, the Antipolo clay loam and Bay clay loam soil.

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However, the Antipolo clay loam covers most of the barangay. c. Topography: This barangay is rolling in the mountain and hills and flat near Laguna de Bay. The highest elevation is almost 500 feet above the sea level. d. Composition: Barangay Bagumbayan lies on the eastern part of the town bounded on the north by Barangay Hulo, Barangay Takungan on the west, Barangay Wawa on the south and Barangay Imatong on the east. 3. Political History Formerly there was no organized council in this barrio, but during the year 1919 the first barrio council was organized.

The first Barrio Captain was Jose Serrano. He stayed in his position for a longer term. The following followed him: 1. Honorio Tibay 2. Hermigildo Masaya 3. Demetrio Patena 4. Basilio Guerrero 5. Melanio Niega 6. Gregorio Talavera 7. Juan Escavillas 8. Francisco Manalo 9. Julian Patena-OIC 10. Lourdes Tibay 11. Santiago Claudio 12. Lourdes Tibay 13. Reynaldo Amores 14. Hon. Dindo M. Abueg-Present Under the leadership of the aforementioned people Bagumbayan became a worthwhile barrio. 4. Religious History

The coming of the Spaniards brought Christianization to many people of this barangay, although many religious sects were established. 5. Educational History Formerly, few people were educated in this barangay but at present, the people are education conscious, hence many of them are now professionals. Since some major educational institutions are now located in this Barangay, people has now a hand reach link to education. Socio-Economic & Demographic Profile BARANGAYBAGUMBAYAN MunicipalityPililla ProvinceRizal

Political Subdivision13 Sitios Total Land Area1,000. 17 has. 1,367. 18 has Total Population10,500 estimated Total Voters4,730 as of 2010 IRA SharePhp 3,589,000. 00 Poverty Level30% (estimated) IndustriesPoultry and Piggeries Tilapia and Bangus Culture Food Delicacies Farming Bamboo Crafts Bonsai Water SupplyPililla Water System Deep well, Shallow well and Artesian well 13 Districts MatagbakPaliparanMaputing PaaaMunting Bundok MatilosMalindigDalig CalasiaoDaang mulawinBulacan BenditaRampolLulukong Bagumbayan


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