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Hijacked train

Australian men pulled the emergency brake on an E-Z Express freight train in Toronto, and planted a bomb in the front engine. The hijackers held 50 male employees hostage onboard the train for 10 days. The reason for this unforeseen hijacking is due to the five million dollars of gold bars onboard. The train that was on route to Hamilton, Ontario was headed for Hamilton Harbor.

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The harbor is known for its easy access to the seaway where the gold was destined for Europe. This operation was supposed to be confidential through ISIS, but there was a breach of confidentiality in the system and now the RECAP is doing a thorough investigation on how it was leaked. After several lengthy negotiation tactics with the men, they were able to work out a deal to let a painfully sick crew member out of the train. They were not able to work out any other deals as the demands were too high.

The RECAP then took it to the next level. They sent out 3 Z- 500 Jet planes to fly over the train to hopefully get hostages o duck down, where they would be safer. Then the Marines Special Force Unit started to shoot the train, in the first class areas and in between compartments, killing 10 hijackers. Through this hijacking process 12 hostages were killed, on the scene and several others died in hospitals due to hypothermia, land lack of food and water. The police were not able to recover to the dead bodies until several days later.

Salina Amnesia, the wife of Bernie Amnesia one of the crew members said, ” I just can’t believe it, how could someone do something so bad to someone who they never even known? ” Ten days after the hijacking first started, the hijackers surrendered due to the harsh weather conditions, below zero and shortage of food. Six hijackers survived and were later convicted and sentenced from six to nine years. The Australian government hasn’t offered any apologies as of now. Rick Hansen one of the twenty hijackers told reporters, ” This isn’t the last of me, I will be back” Hijacked train By Antidisestablishmentarianism


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