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Handing in the final proposal Setting up questionnaires, arrangement of interview, proposing questions for the official of Housing Authority and Gathering information from various sources. Collection of data, including survey, interview and other information. Organizing and analyzing the results reflected from the data SEES meeting with teachers Comprehensive and diversified analysis on the results and data Presentation of the SEES projects Reflection on SEES projects Complete the report and set up conclusion referring to the finding. . Limitations and Suggested Solutions: Think of the limitations of your research methods (e. G. He sample size of your questionnaires, your target group, reliability of the information from internet? Any bias? ) Primary data: I nee request on navels Interview may De rejected or Walton Limited time . Ductile to strike a balance among different stakeholder (interviewees), e. G. Official in Housing Authority, the district councilor and post ass may have contrast viewpoints.

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Difficult to separate and categorize the result reflected from the questionnaire due to the wide and diverse opinions of the Post ass and other residents, this makes the research less apparent. The reply of official from the Housing Authority may not be hat comprehensive and detail due to lacking of interaction. The information bring out by the interviewee(district councilor) may not totally suit with the reality or may involved subjective factors, this may cause the research less convenience. Secondary data: The newspaper, commentary or magazines found may not be the latest one.

The reliability of some unofficial websites is not high and valid enough. Suggest solutions to overcome the limitations Primary data: If the request is rejected, I could probably approach other district councilors for interview and have well-prepare for relevant information and understanding of sousing issue before the it. During the setting of the questionnaires, more contrary and extreme options of the questionnaires( such as Yes/No multiple-choice questions) are likely to be carried out in a bid to collect expected and clear result.

Bringing out objective, rational and appropriate questions during the interview and try to accomplish consensus or reduce discord between different stakeholders. For the indirect Q and A section with the official of the Housing Authority, more apposite and detailed questions can be proposed through email to ensure the answer of the official will not out of track or too vague. Secondary data: Extract information, statistics and other data from trustworthy websites or official websites. Books or readings related to local housing issue can be searched rather than newspaper, magazines merely.

Justification / Significance What is the research value of your project? Why is it important / meaningful for you to conduct this project? Most people in the past may deem that owning a home is inevitable, yet it is now pretty arduous to do so, especially for the young generation and grassroots. Most people in the past wouldn’t think about the harsh effects brought when they can’t afford a home, but now those people may be forced to move n a poor and unfavorable living environment with an increase in health risk.

This would affect their mental life as well. Due to various of reasons, the housing problem has been springing up recently. It is considered as the first priority of social problem in Hong Kong by the government. Housing issue in local often involved complicated contradiction, competition, restricted land supply and etc. Therefore, the decision- making of the government will be the core character of the whole chain as its constructive housing plans are required to deal with the problem.

However, there are tie a lot of news articles have stated the disappointment of the post ass generation toward the work of the government for managing housing problems. Are the government responses efficient or not for addressing the post ass housing needs? In s It Is worthwhile to carry out tons Investigation so as to rennet ten tangled housing situation and its trend in local. If the evaluation of the responses tends to be efficient, then this implies that the youngsters are still possible to raise their affordability for flats in local which is Just the matter of time.

On the contrary, if the overspent measures are analyzed to be inefficient, it is Just a pointless consumption of time and money with less benefit overcoming them. Moreover, it is questioned that how will be the further government’s housing policies. Should it change the focus to other roots? These kind of provoking guides has fascinated me to explore more on this critical and sensational issue that could help me to integrate more into the society. It ought to include scores of key concepts and knowledge which are all very fruitful and meaningful to my study in the future. This is the research value of the topic. Reflection

Suggested questions to be answered in this box: Generally what did you learn from this stage of work (such as knowledge, learning concepts, insights, social and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills)? Are there any changes in your value positions / values after this stage of work? Have you come across / observed any significant things / incidents during the process of the stage of work that were fruitful for your personal growth? How did the significant things / incidents help improve your attitude, values and / or interpersonal relationships after this stage of work? Housing issue is actually a very orthodox and large topic to work n.

It involves scores of learning concepts, knowledge, information and statistics, for instance various aspects of quality of life, sense of identity, government decision, socio-political participation and etc. In order to organize ,extract reliable data swiftly and systematically, I found that the searching skills for the internet are indispensable to eliminate the irrelevant or too subjective information that these were taught when I was in form 2. They really assist me a lot for completing the proposal. Moreover, this stage of work cultivates my critical and diversified thinking skill in a bid to enable


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