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Harry Potter Argumentation

Argumentation Paper The Harry Potter series has caused problems throughout the nation. These problems have caused riots, book burning, negative sermons, and book banning. A way to solve these issues will be clearly defined at the end of this essay. Harry Potter has had a massive social impact throughout the world. Since 1997, the rapid widespread of the Harry Potter series has resulted to 400 million copies sold worldwide according to an online article presented by Squid’s.

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Games Chapman | 10 Most Read Books In The World 123 April, 2012) The series has also helped with literature sales and popularity n general. Harry Potter has been known as a gateway book to literature. According to Justine Chancre, an associate editor of Simon and Shutter’s Books for Young Readers, states that, “kids, including those who didn’t think themselves as readers, were encouraged to read by all the excitement and attention that the Potter series created. Reluctant readers are now dedicated readers.

Suddenly, they’re enjoying books Ousting Chancre I But Classic? Time Will Tell | 14 July, 2007). ” So not only does the series help evolve children into becoming more literate, it also helps them become loser to their community by giving them opportunities to discuss the books with other readers. The series also teaches children life lessons through the many issues that happened to Harry. It teaches children to navigate relationships and how to deal with and understand loss.

Harry has dealt with the most evil characters such as Voltmeter, Fellatio, and Mallory almost his whole wizardry life. Yet, he knew from the beginning that they were bad. The harder characters to depict were characters like Lockhart, Percy Wesley, and Fudge, whose motives were always for their own self main and all typically harmed Harry in some form. Children are taught to stay true to themselves in order to keep themselves and others out of harm’s way. Another concept in the Potter series is the importance of family.

When interviewed, Rebecca Hernandez, fan of fifteen years, was asked how important family was to the Harry Potter series was, she answers, “Family is the most important part of the books. It’s what Harry looks for his whole life. He found family with the Weaseled and with that he found love (Rebecca Hernandez I Personal Interviewees October, 2012). The Durables, Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle from his deceased mother’s side, never treated Harry like family so Harry had never experienced the true meaning of love until the Weaseled. They welcomed Harry with open arms, no matter who he was.


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