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Have you ever worked a trade show related in the hunting industry? Please describe Have you ever given a seminar related to the hunting industry? Please describe. Yes If so, Do you belong to any conservation groups Owe Ducks Unlimited or Delta Waterfowl? ) Ducks Unlimited If so, which ones Please list the sporting good retailers near you, and distance from where you live. Dicks Sporting goods 10 Miles Bass Pro shop 30 Miles No Have you ever been convicted of a game violation? Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Do you have any experience taking high quality photos?

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Do you have any experience shooting video? What do you think the responsibilities of a Pro-Staff/Field Staff are? Please Describe. I believe the responsibilities of a Pro-staff/Field staff are to inform others of the company and its great products. As well as testing any equipment and helping ensure the art of any hunting hunting for our nations youth and getting them involved in hunting. A Pro-staff/Field staff member is to be a very good hunter helping with conservation of wildlife, attending banquets, sportsman shows, and trade shows.

Please list any other hobbies or interests. Fishing,camping,golf, and photography Application Fee & Team Package If accepted as part of the Hard Core Team, you will be expected to pay $100 and in turn will receive the Team Package listed below, a $180 value. Along with the team package you will also receive pro-staff pricing on all Hard Core hunting related items. Hard Core Blind Bag Hard Core Floating Gun Case Two – Hard Core Hats Hard Core Beanie Two – Hard Core T-shirts Please email your application to [email protected] Com


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