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Haircare segment- the shampoo bubble

None of the above. (I will elaborate in the next question) Total 74. 00 100. 00% from our primary research As per our primary research amongst a niche educated crowd (working professionals, student as well as homemakers in the age group 20-30), one of the most important qualities that consumers look for is intense conditioning. Most women complain of dryness of hair after shampooing.

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While several products claim to have conditioning, they mostly do not have a lasting effect. Companies generally market the conditioner and a masque as shampoo for most consumers is one that leaves hair smooth and lustrous. Development of a shampoo with deep conditioning effect would require extensive search but it”s worth it. If the shampoo contains natural oils to achieve this effect, several more brownie points for that! Consumers would be willing to pay a premium for such a product- they will have to spend lesser on conditioners, nourishing oils and masques. Most consumers in our research are willing to spend at least RSI. 100 for 100 ml of product.

In fact, a significant percentage also opt for the premium brands. Considering the fact that the product would give consumers the freedom to buy only the shampoo and not invest in conditioner, the consumer can be charged a premium lightly less than the price of the conditioner(shampoo and conditioner of the same product range are almost always equally priced). Since our research was conducted in a niche sample, the product to be designed targets the educated 20-30 year olds. Women in this age group are generally very conscious of their looks and form opinions about the products. They want to experiment but once they find the product that suits their hair, they stick to it.

The revolutionary product that we suggest reflects what they want. This is reason enough to charge something in the range of 250-500. Even consumers in the 100-250 range old be able to afford it. Although independent retailers have held an important position in the value chain until now, the dynamics are clearly changing.


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