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Growing Up Growing up is something you always look forward to. When Danville was a little girl, she looked up to her mother. She always wanted to dress like her and wear makeup. Danville looked to her mother and said, “Mom will I ever be able to be like you? ” She replied, miss honey, don’t rush to become older. Enjoy your childhood because being an adult is no Joke. ” Danville stared in space for a while wondering what she meant. She said to herself, “What does she mean? I would love to wear heels and makeup every day and not have to go to school.

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It can’t be that bad. ” As Danville started growing up she realized getting older came with responsibilities. She was expected to do her own chores. She had to make up her bed, walk the dog, wash the dishes, and fold her laundry. Over the years she got tired of doing chores. Her 16th birthday came around and she got a new black charger. She was so excited to be able to ride around with her friends and no adult. That was her first taste of real accountability. She had to keep gas in her tank and make sure she was careful at all times on the dad.

Her mother came downstairs to give her some news. “Now that you have a car, it is time for you to get a Job” her mother said. Danville was loss of words because she couldn’t believe her mother was making her work for her own materials. The next day, she followed her mother’s instructions and went Job searching. Danville went to numerous places but nothing seems too interesting to her. She heard about a Job opening for a basketball instructor at the recreation center. Danville was so happy because the Job fits her perfectly.

She gets to do something she loves while making money at the same time. She filled out the application hoping to get a call to be scheduled for an interview. She drove home eagerly to tell her mom about her thrilling news. Her mother was proud that her daughter was growing up and taking her responsibility so well. As weeks has gone by, she was leaving school when she heard her phone ring. “OMG, mom I have an interview’ she said in delight to her mom. The next day she went to the city hall where she will be having the interview.

She sat in the office nervous not knowing what to expect. The man asked the first question and she answered it flawlessly. When he told her that was a great answer and gave her a smile; her nervousness went away and she dominated the interview. The last question was answered and she was free to go home. Three days have passed and she was notified that she got the Job. She hopped around in her room with Joy. The day after was her first day to start. Danville got to work with young girls, teaching them the skills of basketball. One little girl named Michelle stopped

Danville after practice and said, “Danville I look up to you and can’t wait to grow up like you. ” She replied, “Don’t rush your youth moments away, and enjoy it while you can. ” Danville felt great to give her the advice that she established. She received her first paycheck and opened a bank account so she can save money. She went home and told her mother about her day. “I’m so proud that you have grown into a mature, responsible young lady. You have taken on your roles like I expected. I love you baby girl and keep up the work” her mother said. Growing up By chameleon


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