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Growing Up with Social Networks and Online Communities

Growing Up with Social Networks and Online Communities This article written by Paris Storm and Robert Storm tries to explain the possibility of using today’s technology, specifically social networks and other web based communities, for the development of children. It explains how changes in communication in our time had brought a shift on how children these days form friendships and communicate between them.

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Several questions are raised on how o use these changes to further develop the education and colonization in children and adolescents. On the other hand, the authors also explain that these types of communication could also have negative effects on the youth’s social development due to the phenomenon called “cyber bullying”, in which they are frighten or threaten via an online medium. It is important to mention some facts given on the article related to the use of some social networks such as Backbone.

The article explains that most of Backbone users have at least 130 friends and that the time required keeping up with all those friends is deducted from face-to-face relationships. Another interesting fact is that many children using social networks lie about their age so that they could create an account. This present many problems even though kids lie about their age with the support of their parents they don’t involve themselves in the activities of their children on the social networks.

The authors also dedicate a good part of their article to explain the benefits of blobs and forums. For example they explain that young people that have their own blob feel free to express their views and feelings since they would not have any correction from adults. On the other hand, social networks sites can help on children and adolescent growth since they receive attention to their opinions and honest feedback. It also opens the possibilities of an open debate which could be difficult in the presence of adults.


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