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Grade 8 English poetry and novel studies

There are many distinct moods that were described in the instructions of the poem To Look at Any Thing. For example, when the author wrote “you must look at it long,” I imagine a very enraged and irritable mood because, waiting for something that takes time requires patients; in which those who do not have patience become irritated. For instance, when a computer loads slowly and you have to wait, you develop an impatience and anger towards its malfunctions.

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Another example was the next instruction, in which it emanates the same unhappy mood when the author wrote you must be the dark snake,” my mindsets the mood as dark and frightening since snakes are known to be dangerous and terrifying animals. In addition, since the poem described a snake as the literal representation of fear, they both share similar qualities. For example, they can slip away and leave you, Just to come back even more lethal and dreadful. Secondly, they can come in all different sizes and forms because snakes can vary in size and so can the scale of fearfulness.

To conclude, the whirlwinds of emotion had come too resolution of peace. The Hunger Games Film and Novel: Compare and Contrast There are many comparing aspects in of the film and novel The Hunger Games One major aspect addressed in the book and the movie was the family relationships. In the book, we found out right away through a nightmare that Catkins had about the mining accident, which was the reason why she became the provider for her family. In the movie, we did not find out about the accident until she was stung by the tracker Carjackers and had a hallucination.

Because we did not learn about this huge aspect of Satanists past until quite a ways through the movie, it took us awhile to understand why she was the provider for her family. In the movie, we saw her living room with a picture of her father on the mantle. After her father went down in the mine, the explosion came up through the mine shaft and exploded into her living room through the chimney. Then we were shown a reverse effect, signifying that after the mining accident, Catkins was the one to piece her family back together. As of other examples this one required more thought and depth to compare the scene with the novel.


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