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Good Will Hunting Will Hunting is a troubled Janitor from Boston who was orphaned. He is a genius with a photographic memory. He has various disorders that come to light throughout the movie. He has post-traumatic stress that is the result of him being beaten by his dad. We also see mood disorders, such as his anger which rises even when it’s not provoked. Another result of his childhood is an inferiority complex that stems from everyone thinking less of him. Growing up in a dysfunctional foster home left Will with an attachment disorder and abandonment issues.

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There are a few behaviors hat are highlighted in the movie. It is clear that Will sees love and change as an unnecessary risk. He is afraid to be vulnerable because it does not match the self- image he has created for himself. Whenever serious situations arise he snaps and points out other people’s problems. He views words of affection as an implication that he is weak and a threat to his self-identity. We also see that he is comfortable being a poor “South’s” because that is what he is accustomed to. Anything outside of that he refuses to do. He doesn’t see himself as anything special or worthy of praise.

He mints out on multiple occasions that he would be fine doing minimum wage work the rest of his life. He has a deep seeded fear of change. After pushing Skylark, his girlfriend, away he rationalizes that he doesn’t need the prestigious Jobs he is offered because he’ll be bored. He is scared that he will be used. He is afraid to take the risk and change his entire life because it is too much out of his comfort zone. To others Will may seem average or normal. He has friends, a Job, a house, and a girlfriend. He feels comfortable being poor because he doesn’t know any differently.

He is close tit his friends because they are loyal and loyalty is the only part of love that Will can make logic. His friends have been there all this time and given him a sense of comfort, belonging, and acceptance. He works enough to afford a small place and he has his girlfriend Skylark majority of the movie. He doesn’t aspire to dream big to avoid risks. If you look closely you’ll notice that subconsciously he wants to be recognized. He works as a Janitor, a comfortable position, amongst really intelligent people. He knows he risks being discovered and when he is discovered he quits and minds a different Job.

He feels like he needs to belong, so when he is confronted with the fact that people know he is smart he goes out and gets in trouble Just to confirm to himself that he is tough and that he belongs with his friends. There are different things that are suggested as the cause for Will’s behavior. His OPTS is a result of childhood beating. His inferiority complex is because he grew up a foster child in a poor neighborhood. Everyone always thought less of him therefore he thinks less of himself. Being a foster child in a bad home brought about attachment issues which e see in his attempted relationship with Skylark.

His mood disorders and anger issues are a result of his inability to control his situation growing up. He didn’t have control then so now when someone threatens what he is comfortable with he takes control by getting angry and pointing out others faults. The normal people in the movie don’t understand why Will won’t use his gift and become something better find top Jobs for Will. He is willing to push Will regardless of what Will wants or is comfortable doing. Chucks, Will’s childhood best friend, encourages him to use his genius to get a better life.

He makes it clear that he doesn’t want or expect Will to give up this opportunity to make something of himself, and if Will were to take the opportunity he would not lose his friendship. Skylark, the Harvard student that falls in love with Will, wants to help him and leaves when she is rejected because she doesn’t understand what he is doing. The treatment used in the movie is therapy. Gerald finds so many therapist to try to help Will, but each one is a Joke to Will. The therapists all end up leaving because Will drives them insane. Finally Gerald calls in a favor from Sean, an old friend of his.

Sean isn’t intimidated by Will and doesn’t put up with any of his behavior. He challenges Will to take risks and dares him to love others. This relationship really helps Will see the error in his self-image that is preventing him from growing and maturing. Sean sets goals for Will to reach and slowly taught him the flaw in his thinking which was that “It is not your fault”. Will had to come to terms with the fact that his past wasn’t his fault and it didn’t mean he was a bad person. Sean also taught him that he cannot avoid taking risks Just because of the things that can go wrong.

After coming to terms with all this Will is able to change his self-image and move on in life. Even though the first therapist were made a Joke the movie did a good Job putting things in perspective with Sean. My impression of the mental health professionals involved is overall good. In the beginning it was interesting to see how each therapist tried their own way to help Will. They were so focused on the science. Sean was very different in the way that he communicated with Will. He was normal, and didn’t try to make himself look better than Will.

He connected with him and then treated him from there in a mostly non- heartening way. The movie left me with a sense of hope and resolution, yet at the same time a bit of anticipation and concern. In the end Sean moves on and decides to travel a bit. Will decided he too should move on from his past and takes a Job offer, which at the end he leaves to go find Skylark in California. You’re left with hope when Sean reads Will’s note and Chucks doesn’t find Will at home. The resolution is from Will moving on, but the anticipation and concern come in when you’re left with Will driving down the highway.

You’re not quite sure how things will work out but are eyeful that they will all be acceptable risks. I would definitely recommend the movie because it was believable and moving without the typical ending. The thing I liked most about it was that you have a generic 21 -year-old drinking with his friends, getting into fights, doing his Job, et cetera, but the movie takes you below the surface and the viewer sees that there is more to him. This movie really shows us a lot about evaluating those around us and not taking things for face value. I think that many people would benefit from watching the movie and find it enjoyable to watch


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