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censorship hinders our ability to fully understand the world. 1 . freedom of expression/2. effort/meaning/knowledge/3. parents should be responsible for what their children is listening or provide feedback. music can help teach adolescents about things that they cannot talk to their parents about, and censorship of music would Just make this common process more difficult to go through. music is perhaps the most accessible form of art in the world, and it is used regularly for people to cope with issues, to gain inspiration or o simply raise moral. oung, impressionable children will not be exposed to material and situations that hey are unable to process and could misinterpret. Music lyrics offend some group of people. Definition: Censorship occurs when a country or a group of people block certain material so that others cannot access it. These materials can be political, religious, sexual, violent, or economic in nature- anything that the censors or governments disagree with.

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The definition of censorship is the prohibition of expression which can admonish the political aspect, the social aspect, and the moral order. It is imposed by the local, national or the religious authority. Some people agree strongly with the need for censorship. They argue that it protects society. Others disagree, believing that they should be free to decide what they read, see or talk about. At the root of all of the factors that lead to music censorship is fear.

There is a fear by the authorities pushing for censorship that the music will affect young people negatively and prevent them from achieving a morally acceptable life. –university of Lehigh. take into consideration that no direct link between exposure to sexually explicit material and anisocial behavior or sexual violence has ever been established or proven. “Restricting the purchase of displeasing recordings is censorship”( Zeinert 27).


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