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Family and Shrewd Political Ruler

Magnified: Organizer Of Outlay Politics Mage was born in Ass and developed his atrocious reputation there. At the peak of his power, Mage lived in a secret and secure cave above Null’s village. The site was known as Taoism: (” the Lone Spear”) A shrewd political ruler, wise and steeped in culture, fierce in battle, and a cannibal. People believed he had superhuman powers. Has four sons. A champion pigeon snares. The lost of Sin’s son: Mage brothers Judged Sin’s son guilty of some offense he did not commit and sentenced him to die.

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Sin’s pleadings went unheeded. She then begged for her son’s head. Rest of the body was divided to the Mage brothers. Right arm & shoulder: elder brother, who established himself at Null’sTogether, they are known as the TeammateA man named Manual abated Mage in a wrestling match. Magnesia’s strength: He will know who you are and what you want He will extend to you a fitting welcome. If he chose to be unkind to you, kill the cripple(pill) who sits at the mouth of the cave first That cripple reports everything to Mage and advises him on his actions. If anybody kills the cripple, Mage will be without his major weapon. Magnified received Militate in peace. Militate kept at heart the advise of Titanium. Advise became most useful later. Family and Shrewd Political Ruler By verger


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