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Factors affecting the performance of grade 7 in science

Usable (1965) as cited by Aquinas et. (1988) in their book entitled “Educational Psychology, A Contemporary Approach”, cognitive structure pertains to the organized body of knowledge of the learner in a given subject matter field. It includes both the substantive content of an individual structure of knowledge and its major organizational properties in that particular subject matter field at a given time. Even in his book entitled “Instructional Management of Detecting and Covering Special Problem” (1991) that teacher is one of the major factor is the academic performance of the students particularly the teaching strategy.

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The teacher must find ways to supplement proper instructional materials on a proper time. Notes in Chapter 2 Aquinas, Guidance V. (1988) Principles and Methods of Effective Teaching, National Bookstore, Inc. Evans, W. H. Et. Al. (1991) Instructional management of Detecting and Covering Special Problems. USA Allan and Bacon Rosters,Allan C. (1992) Strategies for Effective Teaching. Harper Collins Publisher, Inc. Genes, Adelaide C. Et. Al. (1998) educational Psychology New edition, Rexes Bookstore. Knolled, Jose N. (1986), The Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. National Bookstore, Inc.


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