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Evolution of Management Thoughts Reflection Paper

Evolution of Management Thoughts Reflection Paper by: Ryan T. Lorico The universe is a gigantic organization. It is an intertwined facet of thoughts, imagination, and reality. It is an object of endless puzzles and loopholes. Like an organization, entities are always subjected to question and argue, to change and advance. Furthermore, it is labyrinth where you’ll get lost and may never come out; a maze of constantly changing walls giving way for evolution and reincarnation of objects and beliefs. Life, for me, is a process of learning and management.

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It is because you need to plan how to live your everyday. My mind tells me that you are your life’s own manager. You are your accountant, messenger, and your help. As humans, we are obligated to adjust and measure the changing environment. As the world or universe change, so must we, as what Charles Darwin was telling us centuries ago. Indeed, the world is a battlefield; you must be fit to survive. In the same way, for you to prolong your career or to even live up your life, you must be well rounded with ideas of survival. Evolution, as the word tells us, are changes made to either develop or destroy us.

An evolution phase can either be an end of an era or a start of a new ideology. Evolution is a cycle. In every evolution phase, new techniques to manage our day-to-day are invented. History tells us, from Socrates to modern philosophers, that indeed, changes took place, shaping our world that we have today; and humans as managers of the world, tried to reshape their principles and policies, to re-access life and on how to manage it. Looking back, pagans before believed that everything around them is free and holy. They managed their lives through instinct and nature-lore.

They do not have neither the technology nor concept; no form of monetary or trade. Our ancestors are free-dwelling; who would have thought that from pagans and savages, we’ll be as modern and advance as we are today? Thus, contributions of our great philosophers will always be remembered till the end of our civilization. Those concepts will be foundations of modernization and building blocks of today’s society. For years to come there will be new Socrates and the likes; as well as new philosophies that will run the world as it turns, thus, evolution and cycle continues.


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