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“Burn the other, they must plant found Regions other interval, the machine should do. ” – “Son! remember this word The father, the mother, the teacher must not forget ” “Here near you near him There should iron grinding on metal ” -Eat remember who planted trees Name expectation remember him when old. .Com shirt parent letters teachers To work that day completed on -O continent humbled not bear words the teacher -From the monk, the sell themselves monk. -Thin a plaited father, thin three plaited teacher 1.

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HQC th?¤y kh?¶ng t?¤y hoc ben: We learn not at school but in life. 2. Kh?¶ng th?¤y d?¶ may l?¤m n?©n: Nothing can succeed without the help of the teacher. 3. ?…n qu?? nhd k?© tr?¶ng cay: When eating bamboo sprouts ,remember the man who planted them 4. “U?–ng nurdc nhd ngu?¶n”: When drinking water, remember its source 10. C?¶ chi thi nen. Where there is a will, there is a way. 11. M?©o m?¶ c?¶ hon kh?¶ng. Half a loaf is better than no bread. 12. B?¤ nh?¤n b?¤ tinh. So many heads, so many minds. 13. B??t c?¤ hai tay.

To run with the hare and hold with the hound. 14. Th?? con s?¤n s??t, b??t con c?¤ r?¶. To throw out a sprat to catch a mackere. 15. CLrdi ngcrdi h?¶m trurdc, h?¶m sau ngurdi curd’. He laughs best who laughs last. 16. Udc ao l?¤m sao, c??a chi?©m bao l?¤ v?¶y. The wish is father to the thought. 17. Cha n?¤o con n?¤y. Like father, like son. 18. NLrdc duc th?? c?¤u. They fish in troubled waters. 19. Hoa v?¶don chi. It never rains but it pours. 20. Giot m?¤u d?¤o hon ao nurdc l?¤. Blood is thicker than water. 21 . Ch?©t vinh c?¶n hon s?¶ng nhvc

Better a glorious death than a shameful life 22. L?¤y th??ng ??p voi To put a quart into a pint pot 23. Treo cao ng?¤ dau Pride will have a fall 24. Thtra s?¶ng thi?©u ch?©t More death than alive 25. NLrdc dd d?¤u vit (Like) Water off a duck’s back 26. Dd th?©m d?¤u v?¤o Idra Pour oil on the flames 27. N?¶i c?¶ sach mach c?¶ ch(rng To speak by the book 28. Tai anh tai ??, tai c?? d?¶i b?©n It takes two to do something 29. Thao thao b?¤t tuyet A flood of words 30. Xa met c?¤ch l?¶ng Out of sight, out of mind 31 . As easy as ABC

D?© nhLrtrd b?¤n 32. As hot as fire N?¶ng nhLr Idra 33. As hot as pepper Cay nhLr dt 34. As black as coal Den nhLr murc 35. As white as snow Tr??ng nhLr tuy?©t 36. As cold as ice Lanh nhLrti?©n 37. As dark as midningt T?¶i nhLr d?©m ba muroi 38. As heavy as lead ‘led/ N?¶ng nhLrd?¤ deo 39. As quick as lighting Nhanh nhLr ch?¶p 40. As bright as day S?¤ng nhLr gurong 41. As sour as vinegar Chua nhLr gi?¤m 42. As hard as rock C(rng nhLr d?¤ 43. As slow as a turtle Ch?¤m nhLr r??a 44. As merry as a cricket nhLrt?©t vut 45. As stupid as a bull

Ngu nhLr b?¶ 46. As fat as pig Map nhLr heo 47. As rich as a Jew Gi?¤u nhLr Thech S??ng 48. As naughty as a bear H?¶n nhLr g?¤u 49. As lazy as a lizand LLrdi nhLr hiji 50. As soundly as a log (Ng??) say nhLr ch?©t 56. Study, study more, study forever. Hoc, hoc nCra, hoc m?¤i. 57. A wool seller knows a wool buyer. Suy bvngta ra bung ngurdi. 58. ?…n nhLr m?? kho?©t. Eat like a horse. 59. Sell like hot cakes. D??t nhLrt?¶m turoi. 60. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Duroc c?¤i no m?¤t c?¤i kia. 61. To pick and choose. K?©n c?¤ chon canh.


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