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Event Planning To start with an event planner is a person whose profession is the planning of social events, as parties and fundraisers. To be an event planner you need to have patience because not everything you do will turn out the way you want it to. If you want to have a successful event, brainstorming is the key.

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To be an event planner you need to have developed some of the following skills; verbal and written communications, organization and time management, project anagement and multi-tasking, self-starter and team player, understand Microsoft office applications, detail and deadline-oriented, calm and personable under pressure, negotiation, budget management, staff management, marketing and public relations, and interpersonal skills with all levels of management. Also event planners will develop the following knowledge; Venue selection, catering, production, entertainment, gifts, transportation, lodging, and conference services.

Those who chose to be an event planner as a career usually have a bachelors egree in hospitality management, public relations, marketing, or business administration. Also, sometimes event planners come through administrative roles that include planning responsibilities. There are many types of planners; there are wedding planners, sport events, corporate events etc. To plan an event having a guideline is very important. You need to have an overview of what your event is going to consist of, you need steps.

The first step is determining the purpose of the event, who and what is it for. Second is assess resources, having to know who you’re working with before planning. Third is determining the needs and interests. Who will be coming to the event, what type of people are they, what are their interests? Fourth is brain storm ideas, list all suggestions review every idea. Fifth is develop a timeline, make a list of tasks that needs to be done then make a schedule that shows when every task and how it should be completed.

Sixth is reserve space, this is needed to be in advance, as early s possible because there are always events going on and space is always an issue. Seventh is develop a budget, you have to set a amount to spend on the event and even having ticket sales to cover for the event. You might need speakers, performers, volunteers, or hire staff members to help provide safety for the event. Ninth are details, complete and confirm all the details concerning the event. The last step in the event itself, whatever the case maybe have fun planning and hosting the event, let the hard work show off. event planner By ringram9121


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