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Ethics in My Life

“Ethics” in my life. “Ethics” are many things. Ethics are personal and, at the same time, a very public display of your attitudes and beliefs. Ethics are not: a religion and a political stance. Ethics are also not something that can only be understood by extremely intelligent people. It is because of ethical beliefs that we humans may act differently in different in situations. Ethics can and do change, whether we are with family, at work, at a sports event, with friends, alone, etc. The list is endless. There are a couple of items about ethics that may seem a little confusing.

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First, some people believe that ethics are legal and binding; however, ethics are not the same as laws. Things that are legal may not be ethical, and things that are ethical may not be legal. For example: it may be illegal to assist a felon, but many people could not stand by and not provide assistance if the person was critically injured and dying. You should also know that in ethics there are no perfect explanation of right and wrong. Ethical values have a tremendous range. That is why it is so important for you to discover your ethical stances. What do you believe and why? It is impossible to teach someone ethics, but you can learn it.

In my experience I had a personal situation when I came to the army. The first year of the army is always the hardest because of the moral and physical pressure. The soldiers who were in the army for the second year are the ones who put the new recruits through misery. They give them all the hard and embarrassing work. And during all this experience I felt horrible and brought down, I remember that feeling until this day. The next year when the new recruits arrived, I reminded myself at how bad I felt when I was one of the new guys, so I tried my best to treat all the new recruits the best possible way, because I knew how hard that was.

After all this I started to understand the importance of good ethics and now my principle in life is, treat other how you want to be treated. We all have many different moments of embarrassment or bullying which might have happened when we were small or even now, it doesn’t have to be physically it could also be mentally and emotionally, but will we carry this anger around or will we turn this bad situation into a good one and help a friend in need.


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