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Volunteer in a Elementary School

Mildred Rivas 11-29-2010 Social Justice Volunteering in an elementary school Volunteering is a fulfilling experience. Many people do not take the opportunity to volunteer in their children’s school for a variety of reasons. In fact, volunteering at your child school give you a lot of opportunity and experiences. Personally, I began my volunteer experience this year at Irving Elementary School, ever since that first volunteering opportunity available to me. From helping young students with homework and teacher with grading a few paper to preparing assignments for the next , and making photo copy, collating, packet preparation.

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So why should we volunteer? We should volunteer to support our communities and world. Let me tell you what my experience and opportunity were while I volunteer at my child elementary school, and I hope this will persuade you to volunteer anywhere. The main reason I volunteer at Irving Elementary School was to get experience in working with children’s which seemed very interesting because kids have different reactions to an environment with other people. For example, the mixed emotions children have during their first day of school, it is hard to break the tension building inside them without making them cry or scared.

Next, working with children has left an indelible mark in my memory. My experience as a community service volunteer, where I was assigned to do recreational activities for children ages 3-10 year old, much of the wonderful experience is caused by the diversity of the environment when working with young ones for I discovered that a child’s sense of imagination is gives out fresh ideas that positively influence a person’s outlook in life. Most of the time, the varying moods of children tend to start an argument over petty things nevertheless I really enjoyed such service because the experience made me feel young again.

The second, reason why I volunteer in an Irving Elementary School was to show my daughter that I am interested in her education, and because this will give my daughter a positive message that I am considering her school a worthwhile cause. Also, volunteering is a huge resource and support for the school community while its showing the kids the importance of participating in the community. Meanwhile volunteering in my daughter school will gain a first- hand of my daughter daily activities and some insight into trends and fads of school life that will help me communicate with my daughter as she grows and changes.

Beside, volunteering at my daughter school gave me the opportunity to go on a field trip, which this gave me the chance to get to know all of the kids in her class. This proved to be a blessing to carrying on meaningful conversation with my daughter about her peer interactions. As well, volunteering at my daughter school gave me a basic idea of what my child should be learning and mastering. It also, exposes me to children of different backgrounds and incomes. In addition, your learn more about your child school district and will be able to knowledge it when it comes to school board decisions.

Not only, will you gain the trust of children you help, you will gain the respect of the teacher who so desperately need all the help they can get. You will see the needs of each classroom and know invariably what they are lacking in tools and resources to be the best place for the children to learn. Field trips and excursions outside their school can also enable you to give the children a better grasp or what life is like outside of school and home and proper behavior to display when in public.


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