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Person and Situational Factors Affecting Relationships

As in the case of Judith and Edward, who both have good jobs and are well respected in the community, and who also seemed to have one perfect marriage, their divorce is indeed a surprise to their relatives and friends. Their failed marriage is only one of the many relationships that some person and situational factors affect.Person factor, like temperament probably made a big impact on Judith and Edward’s marriage. Perhaps the couple often had misunderstanding due to the fact that they both have different dispositions on different matters. Another person factor that may have affected their relationship is their attachment style, which is “dependent on the individual’s personal experiences”(DESTEFANO, 2006). It may be secure, which is said to be the healthiest. It may also be an avoidant attachment style or anxious attachment style. Perhaps Judith and Edward had different attachment styles. Of course that could have significantly affected their marriage and contributed to their divorce.Some of the situational factors that may affect Judith and Edward are the opportunities and resources. In the case of opportunities, Judith’s company will probably have greater chances of expanding. Also, her company will have more chances of getting better resources, another situational factor. Suppose both of their companies were aiming to seal a multimillion-dollar contract, and since Judith’s company have better assets, their company got the deal. It will of course make Edward feel disappointed and somehow humiliated at the fact that he lost to his wife. These are somehow associated with the gender issue that men should be earning or should be more successful, compared to women.There are more factors that affect us and should not be taken for granted.

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