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Morden Buildings Are Changing Our City

Modern buildings has changing the appearance of cities and towns,some people argue we should build all buildings in traditional styles to protect the cultural identity,to what extent do you agree or disagree? With the development of modernization and urbanization,houses built nowadays are gradually transforming the cityscape. Whether traditional or modern style should be considered in constructing buildings has sparked a hotly debate. Some argue that in order to conserve cultural diversity,it is necessary to design all buildings in tradition ways while the others claim modern designs are more practical.

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Personally,I am in favor of the latter viewpiont. First and foremost,buildings are construct to provide cozy living atomosphere,which makes their styles and exteriors less significant in facilitating dewellers. In the architects’ point of view,pricticability is the priority they need to consider when chosing a type of construction styles. Taking look around,we can find that modren style buildings are more solid and comfrotable to fulfill dewellers’ demands. Besides,they also play pivotal roles in collocting nature resource,such as some skyscrapers equipped with solar containers,collecting sunshine via their exterior meterials.

Furthermore,cityscape is associated with buildings. It would be quite unharmonious if we held so much houses built in traditional styles in metropolis. What it means is that a city’s development plays a dominent role in determining the styles applied on constructions. Obviously,buildings in traditional feeling will affet or even impair metropolis’ whole images. At last,such buildings may find themselves difficult to keep up with the pace of a city’s evolution. However,the establishment of traditional-style buildings do not have to be such disadvantageous,since their existants can be reasonable and valuable in cases.

Taking cultural diversity into accout,ancient-style constructions are vital than others. As a consequence,many architects are incline to construct houses with traditional styles. Nevertheless, emphasis should be placed on protecting old buildings generated in a long history rather than constructing news with traditional style. So,it would seem that there has no necessarity to make all buildings in ancient style. In conclusion, I will restate my position that a major part of buildings should consider modern styles. By means,they can not only offer superb atmosphere to residents,but also beautify our cityscape.


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