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Factors Affecting the Use of Curriculum Web in Elementary and High Schools

In today’s modern educational setting, Instructional Technology or simply the use of Curriculum Web Technology has already sets its ground. However, its advent and continued existence into mainstream education have also been subjected to many detrimental factors. These components definitely affect the use of curriculum webs in both primary and secondary education.

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Zhao and Frank (2003) presented some factors which affect the use of curriculum webs in elementary and high schools. First, researchers said that the social structure of a school itself is directly in conflict with the emergence and apparent demands of the use of new information technology (IT) in schools. In short, Zhao and Frank stated that schools in general logically and inevitably oppose such technological changes. Teachers, students and school administrators refuse to accept the said advancement which will just strain their existing systems and practices. Such innate struggle for change is considered as unfortunately distracting because its nature of implementation requires modification of established standards and traditions (Zhao & Frank, 2003).

Another factor which influences the use of curriculum web, schools’ structure also thwarts the extensive use high-tech IT facilities such as computers. This resisting element is manifested with inadequate classroom area as compared to the spacious size of computers, refusal of teachers to provide students with the practical use of computers and lastly, inaccessibility of computers at the residences of students (Zhao & Frank, 2003).

Teachers themselves are concrete factors which affect the use of curriculum web. This is primarily because of their way of behaving toward the change and their technological proficiency. Hence, it is important for teachers to have a positive technological outlook for the success of curriculum web. Lastly, the confusion, as regard its value and utilization, created by technology itself is the ultimate factor which hinders the use of curriculum web in elementary and high schools (Zhao & Frank, 2003).


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