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Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol , tobacco and marijuana are the most frequently used drugs in and on college campuses. 84% of students report they have used drugs in the last year they prevalence of marijuana rose To 24% between 93-99 , 4% use cocaine , and 5% use hallucinogens . The number 1 drug of choice is alcohol college students are also binge drinking ! It is impacting there social life , health and there education .

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They are using drugs to help them stay awake to pull all-nighters so they can study for test and or do their homework and even to stay awake in classes and the alcohol is used to relaxed them after a hard day or just to have fun and it gets out of control . after a while of doing the drugs there body’s start to tell them that they need it just to go to class and they need it just to go to work then it goes further they need it just to deal with everyday life and the next thing you know they are hooked . nd now they are saying for every ten years you’re on a drug add ten to that and that’s what it takes to get clean but in real life you will never be clean once you let it go that far and it always around you will always fight that urge you Have inside and some people can do it and some people can’t ! So do yourself a favor and stay off drugs and don’t drink in less you do it that right way .


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