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Essay About Mobile Phone

CELLPHONE The most popular gadget nowadays is Mobile Phones. It helps us to communicate to other people. And it called the Communicating device. A mobile phone is compose of many different parts. The main parts of a mobile phone include the Display screen, the keypad, Menu Dial, Microphone and the Camera lens. The Display screen shows the name of the person and number being dialled. The Keypad contains of alphanumeric keys for dialling and texting, it also contains of special functions. Menu dial is located above the keypad on most phones.

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Microphone piece is near the ottom of the phone, it picks up the volume of the speaker and transmit listener on the end of the line, and lastly the Camera lens, not all mobile phones have this but, Camera lens is mostly found on the top of the front and the back of the mobile phone. With the all the parts you can recognize easily that, that is a mobile phone but not all phone look like that there are many styles and kinds of a Mobile phone there are what you call touch screen phones, air shuffle phones. There are also many brands of Mobile phones like apple, Samsung, Sony, Lg and many more.

But there re problem of course. How can a Mobile Phones work? Actually A mobile phone is also compose of a battery, so that you can give power to the Mobile phones you are using. Of course when you have a battery there is a charger so that you can recharge the battery when the battery is gone. As a Summary, Mobile phone is an electronic device use in communicating with other people, especially when you are far far away. Cellphones is composed of many parts and this parts are used so that cellphones would work well. Cellphones are rechargeable. It also used technology for us to be updated.


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