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Education and Good Governance

Education and Good Governance BY JOJ0404 EDUCATION AND GOOD GOVERNANCE INTRODUCTION Education is considered a ‘right’ and not a privilege. It is a rope that can carry us to greatness. it is one of the most important thing in life because without it you cannot make meaningful contributions towards development. While the concept of good governance indicates the effort the government has made or is making to turnaround the standard of living of the masses .

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Good Governance has to do with infrastructures, provision of security, social amenities in terms of good health ervices ,good roads ,model schools, good communication network, water supply ,power supply ,housing and the empowerment of the citizens to be able to carter for themselves through their knowledge and skills acquired at school or after school These two concepts complement each other because it is the government that will make it possible for effective teaching and learning to take place in a country and which in turn will produce knowledgeable , skilled and well articulated leaders.

If the children who are the major beneficiaries of the education system , are properly rocessed into major outputs ,the nation will no doubt get the right people to run her government. The desire for access to school education in order to acquire knowledge and skills and apply them is one thing and to actually acquiring them and showing evidence in having acquired them in concrete terms is another thing. The quality of the product of an institution, no doubt, is evidenced in the quality of performance of the product.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EDUCATION AND GOOD GOVERNANCE The National policy on education (2004) stated that no nation can rise above he quality of its citizens. The type of education given to the people of a nation determine the type of government that might exist in that country . if poor quality education is given to it citizens, it is likely that the product will have little or nothing to offer the nation.

For quality teaching to take place in the classroom , teachers must receive adequate training that will help them deliver effectively, in addition to observable and stable indicators. it also depends on teachers healthy interactions with the learners. Teachers and learners needs to b present for effective teaching and learning to take place. When a learner has not learnt how well will he perform if he turns out to be a governor or even a president?.

Good Governance comes from quality learning and interactions during academics travail and beyond because People govern from the wealth of experiences they must have acquired as students. Some people are made advisers on different national issues but where they have nothing to offer they are not surely going to make any meaning contribution towards the growth of the Nation. We must see Education as an investment in human capital , and quality education benefits individual, society and the world at large.

Quite often people ask of what Education can do for them. It is quite unfortunate that such question could come up. Quality Education improves the health and nutrition of an individual, increases the productivity and earnings, and also reduces inequality. While for the society, Education drives economic competitiveness ,reduces poverty, Education is a sure way to prepare individuals to render quality services to the nation ince individuals must have acquired skills, knowledge and wherewithal to live in a pluralistic society such as ours.

Good Governance can be achieved by providing for the welfare of the people, recognizing the feelings of the people and using the knowledge and skills acquired to serve as good citizens and good representatives of our country. Authorities in government should be well read, well exposed to perform their task creditably. Where he is lacking in knowledge and experience he is expected to have a low performance because knowledge they say is power


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