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Ed and Oped – Indian Express

EDITORIAL AND OP-ED Lay out The editorial page has 7 columns and covers about 6 stories. It also has an entire column dedicated to ‘letters to the Editor’, wherein 3-4 letters from their readers are published. The editorial-page is entirely black and white, including images, so as to give the page a serious attitude the editor’s column features 3 articles while the other 3 are the voices of experts and/or other journalists and columnists. The OP-ED page also has 7 columns. It covers 4 stories that are mainly written by experts.

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The stories include both hard and soft news and are placed in the following order on the page: the hard story on top followed by the softer stories below. On the right hand side of the page are weekly columns. On Wednesdays the is the ‘view from the left’ and on Thursdays is ‘the view from the right’. The OP-ED page is again in black and white Content The editorials are perceptive and readable and are mostly based on political or economic issues. Though sports and entertainment too feature, depending on the weightage that the news holds.

Content analysis The articles on an average, in general have a very socialist approach. And though they do not have any political ideologies that they favour, they tend to lean towards the right of the centre. In terms of political leanings, The Express does not favour any party but their slight right leaning makes them tend to support the RSS and BJP at times. The express raises bold and relevant points in its editorials that are backed by appropriate and sufficient evidence and are well justified.


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