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During the trip

In lifetime, each of us has various relationships that link us with the society. In some of those with whom we quittance we call them friends. Also, we ever stop to classify friends in many types. For me, I classify friends on how I know them and how they know me. Therefore, in my life, there are three types of friends: general friends, social friends and best friends. The general friends, the first type of friends, mean certain people we meet even Just one time at certain places by accident.

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Those homo we often know at public places such as a train, a traveling, a bus stop or at school. We often see them and make small conversation to make friends, to kill the time or to reduce the boring atmosphere that we are in. However, we seldom remember their names, even their faces after that or a long time no see them again. I remember once I was at the train from Ha Non to Ho Chi Mini city, I made friends with a girl. During the trip she and I always went together, ate together, sat the same chair and chatted a lot.

And yet, we did not keep in touch, even I could not remember ere name but Just her face in my memory. That means with general friends we can easily say hello and soon say goodbye without knowing their name or even their faces The second type of friends is social friends. Those are important anymore. People in our daily life and we can not lack of them. Although they know us very much, they know our families, our other friends, some our relationships,they can still help us, encourage us. Moreover, we can feel their love after a long time working together as well as keeping in touch with them.

The emotion with social friends and stance between them are much closer than those between the general friends. For example,with friends in class, at school, at work places, we work with them and understand together, sympathize in the Jobs also understand partly characters of each others. Nevertheless, we can not share our secrets, our personalities with them, we Just share something as we are possible because we only know them through jobs, studying. In a word, social friends play important role in our life. We link with them because how often we meet and work with them so that still exits a certain stance.

Last, but not least, in spite of a small number, best friends are the most important. They stand by us whatever we are, whenever we need. We can easily confine with them our secrets and we find it comfortable, warm,safe to lean on their shoulders and release our tension. Also, their love for us is unconditional. Best friends who easily sympathies us on almost situations and never Judge us, criticism us. For example, we can complain about a social friend at school with our best friends without worrying how they are thinking or how they Judge.

In short, best rinds are closest in comparison with other two types of friends,which we always find warm, safe forward best friends. In occlusion, whatever we classify friends, friends in our lifetime are actually necessary and important. With the general friends, we Just need make smile to impress on their minds although they will forget us, with the social friends, we get on well with them, appreciate and respect them to keep on the nice relationship and we last long friendship between best befriends our faithfulness and our honesty. That will help us have good friends and beautiful


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