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Discuss the importance of water

Water is an important source in our daily life. We use it to wash clothes or clean house. Every meal,waylays drink some water otherwise we will be thirsty. Nowadays,water becomes more and more common in our daily life because the development of using the technology of water. No matter whether we realist it or not,water has become a necessary factor our lives. Studies have shown that drinking 8 cups of water everyday can help us to keep healthy.

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During the process of drinking water,water clean our inner system and take he waste or dirty things out of our body. Furthermore,water can be used in production of food. Since transportation of ships has become an important method of trading,the power of Ana has become an important factor to show the strength of a country. The improvement of technology allows people to use water conveniently and it causes the growth of plants. Gathering of water among the clouds causes rain. Updating of natural water resource causes the change of weather.

They are parts f our natural water resources circulating system. However,the fresh water which can be drunk directly for human beings is not enough in our planet one third regions of world facing the serious problems of lacking of water. Our senior citizens have realized temperance of water. Len the regions of Chinatown,popularized water by using oxcart. Although the method and process was hard,they still continued this activity. This is because water is on a important position of their daily life. water is not necessary them,why they still carried on the activity? Though the seawater is rich nor planet,the pure fresh water which can be drunk directly banana beings only occupies 1% of seawater resources. Should we still be overconfident on the problems of water resource? One may say that since the technology has developed,we can live without water. We are able to find other resource to replace water in some situations. They claim that they can only eat food and live without water.

However,do they realist that we also obtain water from food,particularly the fruits which are rich in water. Len addition,not all of us can master the technology of replacing water. Although we can use the machines which work to replace water,not all of them can be applied in our daily life. Let alone some of these machines are very expensive. Along with the development of technology,water should be used properly. Let is necessary to build the realization of importance of water among people. Discuss the importance of water By panned


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