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David Albany front man of bands Blur and Gorillas has described the X-Factor and I would have to agree. Over 8. Million(2) viewers tuned into the phenomenon that is the X-Factor last year: the business that flogs the idea that incredibly talented no-ones can be turned into recording artists by using fancy lighting and the use of auto tune. Famous mentors seem to have the power to freeze hell over and transform the contestant from a nobody with a soppy back story about how their boyfriend’s third cousin twice removed died, to a household name.

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So is the X-Factor really a search for talent? The X-Factor is not a quest taken on by Simon Jewell to find the next superstar; it is self permitted fraud. We the general public, are politely asked to “vote for our favorites”. Even that makes it sound like a scratch card or something we have to buy in order to have a chance of winning. You can’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket. TV has made Multimillion off this scam(2). Also when it comes to calling in after the lines have closed, why are they allowed to charge you? At the end of the 2010 series

TV released the information that over 1 million votes had been received(2). At app a vote and 1 million votes, was taken from the public through phone voting(3). Then, two years later TV released a statement that X-Factor generated Million from advertising alone(3). Is it about finding talent? No, it’s all about Million profit. This leads me to my next point: is it about finding talent? Well there’s a question. To audition for the show you apply online and receive an email telling you details of where you need to be and when.

When the hopefuls make it to their requested menu they have to wait for hours in a queue while the kind producers of TV sit and film sequences of cheers and montages of people moving closer to their goal. After numerous hours wait you will then be directed to a booth where you will audition in front of a producer. Well they say a producer but let’s face it, any can wear a badge saying ‘producer’, so is it no surprise that you often end up with the out of tune, mentally unstable and generally talents.

Talent is rarely part of it from the start; it’s all about the entertainment. The chance of actual talent getting through is down o whether you are appealing to the eye or luck. If no talent is present within the individual, opportunities still lie open, even if you can’t sing. You may have an attitude problem or are willing to humiliate yourself in front of the camera. If so then then you will be put through and will be put on the show. There will be the talented, the sympathy vote, the child and then you, the comical value that keeps us that bit more interested.

The live auditions are not auditions. They are where producers and editors get a chance to humiliate anyone at their pleasure. They create entertainment by exploiting all the downsides of the less talented candidates. As well as using them as entertainment, they are secondly used to help make the talented remainder look far better than they are, as real talent James Morrison made clear his views of past wellness, JELLS• “JELLS are ten worst sellers Vive ever near .

Vive near tenet raw vocals In the studio and they Just cannot sing, yet they’ve had multi-million selling albums”(4) The live shows are probably the worst part of the whole charade. This is where the pop star stereotype comes in to the game. It’s like a poison that comes from all the Edie attention and gets worse with the help of mentors, Judges, moneybags; whatever you want to call them. It’s like an equation: simple fellow + led in the ‘right’ direction + that soppy story = world remold superstar who will come to nothing. This proves the point.

X-Factor is not about finding talent and giving a young or old hopeful a chance at a dream, it is Just a media firework, exploding onto the tabloids and the musical scene but fizzing away into the background once the bang has gone. Then there’s all the publicity on a weekly basis growing and getting worse as the series progresses. It wastes so much time and takes up too much valuable brain space that would be better used on remembering how many dimples there are on a golf ball or how many feathers exist on the under belly of a seagull.

The publicity distracts from what the show is really about. It’s about the people behind the desks; the ones earning thousands to sit and let passive comments dribble out their mouths into the contestants ears. Jay Kay front man of Jazz-funk band Jamaica called the X- Factor Judges Danni’ and Cheryl “useless amateurs”(5). One positive that can be taken from the whole show is that the talented can possibly et somewhere and gain some form of experience which they can use as a performer.

They can get an insight to the complexities of being on TV, rehearsals, sound checks and media attention which, if the show didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have had. In conclusion it is safe to say that, to put it politely, the X-Factor is an incredible waste of time. It is ruining the music industry by becoming an entertainment module running its course for as long as its advertisers are making money. The producers of this show have the audacity to steal the idea of a proper musician and then sell it back to us. Wow, well done X-Factor!


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