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dhds BY dtyoka1004 There are many good universities in my city, but I want to study in AUCA. Because I am sure that only this university can give me qualitative knowledge and unforgettable experience. Many students, studied in A1-JCA praise it all the time. I often look into the university life. And I am glade about what I see. Literate methods of teachers, talks and preparation of students, system of education and of course blameless speeches of president of AUCA, all of these are in a high level. Also it is not a secret that American university of central Asia is the most prestigious university in hole country.

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That is why I want to Join the ranks of students of AUCA. But A1-JCA is quite expensive university for Kyrgyzstan. And unfortunately it would be very hard for my parents to pay for studying at the university. We have a big family, I have two small sisters, one is 14 years old, she studying at secondary school, second one is 2,5 years old. My father is a budget worker. He works in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, as an Associate Professor at the department of urology and andrology. He teaches medical students, delivering lectures to them, also he involved in postgraduate ducation of doctors.

Despite the great benefit which he gives to the population treating patients, teaching doctors and students, the salary of faculty members and doctors still very low. My mother is not working, she stays at home looking after my smallest sister. That is why my farther has to work very hardly, to support our big and very friendly family. This is the reason why I am applying for financial aid. I am happy that A1-JCA can give such opportunities for students, what would be really helpful for me and my family.


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