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Developing destination: Moscow

Moscow Hotels industry: The Moscow Mayor has decided that he wanted to turn the government building into more hotels. The government which is situated in the middle of the city is to be considering into turning it into a hotel as they believe that this will breathe new life to Moscow. By adding more hotels they hope to succeed in investing in the top-end and mid-end hotel and hostels. In Moscow there are already 40,375 hotel rooms with 27% being international hotel chain; however they still want to increase their number of international hotel further.

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Over the pass years their number of international hotels has increase as there was increase in 2010 and 10% in addition in 2011. The number of occupancy have increase by 3. 5% as there was 62. 3% rate in 2010 but in 2011 they have the total of 64. 5% occupancy rate and their daily rate have also increase by 9. 4%. The hotel industry is developing to attract more tourists by adding additional services such as shuttles service to airport, complimentary WIFE, Complimentary mini bar and various special offers etc.

Services: By the end of 2007, Moscow has built and upgrades their infrastructure such as tools, restaurant and public service by adding international cuisines to be suitable for the tourist. Their public transport is also being upgrade right now as they are adding a transport card which would allow the visitor to use any public transport in Moscow for one day with Just one card. This will help with their traffic problem as one of the problem tourist have with Moscow is the traffic.

Not only will the card help with traffic but it will bring good image to Moscow as it will make Moscow more of a tourist friendly destination. Another way they try to improve the condition of their traffic is by making Moscow an obligatory starting point of the tourist routes to the historical and cultural attractions. You can expect to find lots of historical and cultural attractions in Moscow as they have made a preservation and restoration to the historical and architectural heritage of the city. Moscow is considered to be one of the top international business travel destination.

In the year 2006 the business visit have made up the total of 16. 9% in the number of tourist. Being a business estimation benefit Moscow in every way as they get to attract overseas visitor but most importantly is the fact that they able to attract the domestic visitor as 50% of the domestic visitor came to Moscow for the purpose of business. The reason why Moscow in one of the top international business travel is because they got facilities available such as congress centre, conference halls, business centre and many 4-5 hotel to suit the needs of these visitor.

New product: In 2012 Moscow have took another step to become a tourist friendlier destination as they have come up with the dead of the tourist pass. This Moscow pass will able the visitor to visit many attractions in Moscow included in one price . The visitor will find the Moscow pass beneficial to them as they get discount up to 25% on the attractions and the pass will allow them to skip the ticket line.

The Moscow pass can be use in three days which is suitable for both overseas and domestic tourist. Www. Moscow. Rue www. Tonsillectomies. Com Vatican, Italy – declining destination The tourism in Vatican has declined comparing to the past years as some attractions ouch as Sistine Chapel’s majesty have turned into noisy places to go as people don’t respect the place, tourists visit the Sistine Chapel’s go to see Michelangelo paint not respecting the place where should be quiet and peaceful.

It creates a bad image to the place as it’s turned into a dangerous place as no one respects the securities and the place is packed of people, turning it into a noisy and a bad place to visit. One more reason why Vatican has declined the number of visitor is because of the new destinations that been developed, Vatican used to be one of the top 10 destinations n the past as it is a historical place, however people started to travel to different countries outside Europe where you can still find historical places and also been more affordable to travel for different destinations.

Vatican is still a popular destination, however it is not a destination where people are traveling more often as it is expensive and also with the new variety of new and cheaper destinations people are traveling to different destinations but still Vatican hosts thousands of tourists every day. Www. Guardian. Co. UK www. Travel. Yahoo. Com


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