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Destruction of the Black Community

What Causes the Destruction of Black Communities? Faced with the numerous obstacles that black communities have encountered, it is extremely difficult to make progress toward a better tomorrow. The absence of positive role models/ leaders leave black communities stagnant in politics and efficient social gathering, their lack of knowledge destroys a chance for cultural innovation and change, while systematic failure of the government also contributes to the destruction of the black community and the future of its people.

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History shows s the recurrence of negativity among the black community with slavery, poor education, and the elimination of their black leaders. For the black community to prosper they must destroy the glass ceiling above them by becoming aware of the mental barriers holding them back such as the slave mentality, the lack of education, and the fear of possessing a positive position of leadership. Black people were brought into this country, primarily southern areas, against their own freewill to work as slaves. They were forced to work on plantations planting/picking cotton and performing house chorus such as cooking and cleaning.

The house slaves were purposely treated better than the field slaves to create jealously/hate toward each other, by separating these groups it made the slaves less provable to come together and break free from the authority controlling them. The slaves were forced to call the person they worked for “Master”, to give that individual authority over everything they did. The slaves were to believe that everything they did and owned was only allowed because the “Master” approves of it. Slaves were bought and sold by their “Masters” for money, land and cattle, this caused destruction of family ties, cultures, and gave them very little self-worth.

If a slave ever refused to obey any of the “Master’s orders” they were beaten with whips and even killed. When a runaway slave was caught, they were hung from trees to show others slaves what happens if they try to the plantation. This punishment was intended to created fear of change but instead it encouraged the slaves to strive for a better tomorrow. When slaves were caught trying to educate themselves, they were beaten forcing slaves to either hide their knowledge or fear gaining knowledge itself. This reflects on modern day black communities by intelligence not being considered “cool” and by the elimination of intelligent black leaders.

This fear of knowledge has transferred to the people of today causing them to find little worth or even care for education. Education is the key to success and without it one cannot progress in life. The public schooling system does not provide an effective environment for learning due to lack of resources, such as textbooks and faculty. They tend to have a large number of students which causes the teachers to spend less time with the students individually, where most learning is done. The students begin to feel neglected by the teacher causing them to become frustrated with the lack of attention and the


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