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Description of a person Jerry, My Boyfriend It is only when an individual gets to know a person on a deeper level that he or she can actually appreciate and value that person’s inner beauty. Although physical attraction is important–and it is the first impression one always gets–it does not express an individual’s inner attributes. My boyfriend, Jerry, represents both internal and external beauty. Jerry is not as towering as Michael Jordan; however, he is not as short as Michael J. Fox. Jerry is medium sized, about 57″ tall, and fit. His white/pink, smooth skin resembles a soft peach.

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His beautiful small green eyes project some kind of innocence regardless of his age. His eyeglasses make him look even more innocent and harmless like Harry Potter. Jerrys nose, chin, and cheek bones are finely shaped and framed by a slightly round face covered with a welltrimmed beard and mustache. Beneath the mustache lie perfectly-shaped red lips. His slightly curled, medium-sized dark brown hair has the texture of a babys lock. His hair is thin, soft and very shiny reflecting his good health. Jerry is always dressed very casually and comfortably, in Jeans, a t-shirt, or sometimes longsleeve shirt.

A pair of boots completes his daily outfit. Which makes him look younger than he is. and very much like a teenager. In addition, his behaviors makes him look like a younger man. People will hardly guess he is 42 years old. His voice is very soft and quiet; the necessary volume to be heard in a regular conversation, and never trying to get someone’s attention, almost 2 appearing to be a shy and quiet person. Neat as a hospital room, and always smelling manly and clean is one of the things that I like the most about him. His nails nd teeth always clean.

He cares about people he loves. Always trying to support and help people to overcome a problem or to solve a situation. Jerry is very selective; he likes very few things in life, but those things that he likes he is totally passionate about. Not very interested in trying new things. Dogs and snowboarding are two of his passions. He gives his 100% to what he likes. His passion for dogs is immense. It shows how caring he is even with animals. His selectiveness gives him a very interesting personality. Unlike most people, he likes unusual things.

His taste for everything is usually the opposite of those from most people. His infinite patience and tolerance to most situations give him always the opportunity to find the best solution. also make him a great listener and invaluable friend. Respect is one of his great values. His sense of respect for others makes it easy to enjoy being around him. His behavior in most situations shows the great foundations and values that were planted during his childhood. Jerry is the person in which I trust the most in the world. Due to his sense of respect, I trust him in any situation.

He truly Is a man 0T nls word. He never Iles, wnlcn Is a cnaracterlstlc almost impossible to find in a person. Due to his values, he makes me feel very happy Just by being around him. He always cares about what I want and what I like. He is always trying to please me. He respects the way I am and he’s patient and tolerant with me and my behaviors. 3 Communicating with people he doesn’t know, at the beginning can be difficult. He usually listens first and analyzes the person and if he’s comfortable and likes the person then he’ll be open to communication. He hates confrontation.

If he gets angry r upset he’ll say to me: “l need to calm down first, coll things down, rather than saying things I could later regret. ” Opposite to me where I would say: “Let’s fix the problem right now, let’s talk about it now! ” IVe learned so many different things from him, especially patience and tolerance. IVe developed those traits because IVe seen how well they work on him. Having met him is one of the most important things in my life. His personality, values, discipline and self-confidence have given me many lectures. Even though we are very different in many ways, he has become the most influential erson in my life.

My daily mood could depend on him. Due to his patience, he’s the only person capable of influencing me and being able to convince me or change my mind about something in a very smart way. And because I trust him so much it is no hard for me to take his advice. I know that he’ll always want the best for me. Happiness, peace, self-confidence, protection and caring are some of the feelings I have when he’s around me. For those reason, IVe chosen him to be the person for this descriptive essay. He has helped me become a better person in many different areas of my life.


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