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Deaf Event I attended my first deaf event at the local Struck in Sea Cliff Village in Huntington Beach on November 16th. My experience was defiantly worth remembering and was quite enjoyable. Just approaching the door and seeing through the windows the hearing and the deaf practice and communicate with each other was inspiring. I was a bit apprehensive and nervous to strike up a conversation but next thing I knew I was being welcomed with warm hugs and loving smiles.

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There was a group of about hairy members in the Deaf Club around four were deaf and the rest were all students much like my self. I Joined in with their conversation on what school we attend, what we plan to do with our future, and were we are from. I added in that I was moving to Texas and that sparked up many questions coming towards me. At some points I couldn’t understand the signs they were presenting but the deaf where very accepting and would kindly slow down and help me understand.

I wasn’t able to stay long but for the hour I was there It really helped me get a feel of how the “deaf oral” interacts and even though they have a disability it makes them no different then the hearing. They all wished me goodbye and to have a great night. In my time being there I did have a one-on-one talk with a deaf woman named Lori Bliss. I told her I was a student at Golden West College taking the Signing class. She responded by praising me and telling me how happy she was that Sign Language was the language I choose to study.

We spoke about our families and that she has seven daughters, four whom are stepdaughter’s, and no boys. She told me that her mother was hearing like myself and that her father was deaf but she had never met him. She also had a brother whom was also deaf and she had 3 other siblings, which were hearing. We continued to converse about the weather and what are plans were for the holidays. She was a kind loving woman with such a large heart for her community. I’m very pleased to have her be the first deaf person to communicate with.

I personally enjoyed this event and it was very different from any other time I have mom to socialize at Struck with a group of friends or my church group. There was so much excitement and life in all the conversations. The deaf and the hearing who were at a higher level then l, were always very helpful and pleased that I had Joined them that night. When I’m with my hearing friends or church group we all converse but not with this much excitement and interaction. I can diffidently say that this was to learn more and to communicate with those who are apart of and appreciate the deaf community as much as l.


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