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Deadly Anna? Practice interview. Good morning listeners I am Andrew Denton and welcome to listen and learn on Today FM. Today we have a special guest from Model High school, Ms Lowbrow. Ms Lowbrows class has been reading the novel ‘Deadly Anna? By Phillip Gwynne . She is here with us today to share the key themes and characters of the novel ‘Deadly Anna? AD: Morning Ms L, one of the main themes Gwynne emphasizes is family. I realized that Blackly family have some issues especially with their father Bob. How would you describe the relationship between Blackly and his father?

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Ms L: Good morning Andrew. ‘Deadly Anna? Is a wonderful novel by Phillip Gwynne aimed at children 12 and 17 years old. Regards to Blackly and his father Bob, I agree with you about the tension among them. Blackly and Bob have a very distant relationship between them. In the novel Bob is very violent towards his wife and children. He also is absent most of the time and remains at the pub this is evident when Blackly uses emotive language and says “as usual he was down at the pub”. “He only sat down with us when the pub was closed- Sundays and Christmas day’, showing the absence f their father.

Blackly is a sensitive boy and can get quite frustrated with himself, especially when his father constantly refers to him as a ‘gutless wonder’. AD: You mentioned Blackly being sensitive, and his father referring to him as a ‘gutless wonder’, how would you describe Blackly in the novel? Ms L: Blackly is a responsible young boy even though he does have some wild friends, he does say that “All the kids in town, like Daze and Pickles, hate school. Useless. Don’t learn anything. Can’t wait to leave. Not me, I like school. Blackly use of short sentences expresses how different he is compared to the other boys in the town.

Blackly reads a lot Just like his mother, he is obsessed with improving his vocabulary. Blackly is one of few people on the peninsular that are not racist, this is outlined when Blackly becomes friends with Dummy. AD: You discussed racism, how is this theme shown in the novel? What does Blackly do to show that he avoids and rejects racism? Ms L: Racism is throughout the whole novel, one example is ‘BONGS PIPS OFF written on the shed. Later in the evolve Blackly and his siblings paint over the writing to avoid any clash between the Whites and the Unsung in the Peninsula.

Blackly becoming friends with Dummy, demonstrations how he is not racist. Another way how racism is expressed in the novel is when Arks’ son, Arks is the football coach, wins the best team man trophy, when in reality Dummy deserved that. Blackly treats everyone equal, he asks Arks if he is doing anything for Dumbly funeral and Arks rejects this by saying “Sports is one thing, this is another”, this shows how they only use the Unsung for the footy but hen it came to reality they don’t want anything to do with them.

This is clearly expressed when Arks uses them to get a good team. “He only survives because the Unsung buy their supplies from him. And the unsung only buy their supplies from him because he’s the coach of the footy team”. AD: to all the listeners who haven’t read ‘Deadly Anna? This is a spoiler alert! Ms Leatherwork, how would you feel if you were in Blackly’ position when he had to funeral? Ms L: Well, Andrew, in my personal opinion I would feel quite hesitant with the decision I will make.

I do think that Blackly did make the right decision too, going to a funeral where you a not very welcome is a very risky move but Blackly didn’t care, he went to pay his respects for Dummy. Blackly choosing to go to the funeral and not fishing with his father must have been very difficult for him, especially when he knows how his father would react. He also states that his father will ” supplicate me” meaning he knows what he is up against. Blackly Just shows how equal he treats everyone, and how he followed what he thought was right and stood tall.

AD: Wow, existing to that Just wants me to read ‘Deadly Anna? Again. Thank you Ms Leatherwork for giving us the pleasure to see the outsiders perspective of ‘Deadly Anna?. Hope all is well, and to see you soon. Ms L: The pleasure was mine, and I will definitely be back for some more discussion, maybe even when my class finishes reading the novel ‘Nikkei Way’. See you soon. AD: speaking of ‘Nikkei Way’, stick around listeners, because in five hits time we have the delightful Phillip Gwynne speaking to us about why he decided to write a sequel to ‘Deadly Anna?.


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