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Introduction to study: Human resource is a set of individuals who make up workforce of an organization, business or an economy Stress is a universal element experienced by employees around the globe. Stress has become major problem for employer particularly in developing nations where the employer doesn’t realize the impact of stress on employee performance. 2. The problem statement: * Depression * Relationship bbreakdown * Isolation * Poor decision making 3. Objectives of research: * To identify causes of stress To understand how it affect * To explore different options for minimizing dealing with stress 4.

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Significance of study: People from all walks of life suffer from stress one way or another. Stress can make you weak so if you do not take care of yourself you can get sick which can lead to more problems down the road. When stress becomes excessive it can be very damaging. It can harm: health, happiness, work performance, team spirit and co- operation, relationships and personal development It is important to recognize and ddress the underlying causes of stress, or else the experience of stress will never go away. 5. Limitations of study: The study and research will be limited to career mentors only. 6. The methodology: The methodologies which will be used for carrying out the report are as follows: The data collected is through primary and secondary sources Primary data: Questionnaire and surveys: questionnaires are conducted and responses are recorded. the questions prepared are 10 to 15 on how training should be conducted and what training helps employees.

And the sample size is limited to 30-50 secondary aata The data is collected from websites, magazines, Wikipedia etc. 7. Hypothesis: The results of stress are harmful toindividuals, families, society and organizations, wh ich can suffer from organization stress. 8. Chapter schema: Chapter 1: introduction Chapter 2: organization profile with structure Chapter 3: comparative analysis Chapter 4: Data interpretation and data analysis Chapter 5: findings Chapter 6: suggestions and recommendations. Annexure Bibliography


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