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Crackback Summary

Crackerjack by John Coy Miles Manning is a typical eleventh grader who is really good at football. But once the season begins he is faced with a lot of problems. He has a really nice and helpful head Coach Spoiler. He is really helpful and he supports Miles. The other coach, assistant coach Stall however is always against Miles and always brings him down. He always finds ways to upset Miles and really wants to replace him. Miles also has a best friend named Each. Each is a really talented defender who always encouraged Miles to work harder and get better.

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However, His encouragements are not always positive. He gives Miles steroids to gain muscle the dirty way. When the boys have their first game, Miles pops the first steroid pill and gets an interception and his team beat the other team, Deer Rapids 35-3. The boys are happy until in they enter the locker room. Coach Stall yells at the defense for giving up 3 points and ruins the momentum. The problems Just keep on coming. When they are practicing, Coach sends a big defensive lineman to go sack the quarterback, and Jones, the team’s quarterback gets injured.

The next day, the head coach, Coach Spoiler, is diagnosed with prostate cancer. That meant that Coach Stall becomes the head coach, and he forces the team to work long hours lifting weight because he thought that the kids with the most muscles are the best athletes. He dislikes Miles because he Just doesn’t seem to turn big and gain muscle. The next game, he finds a reason to bench Miles. It was 7-7. On the last play of the game, Miles forgets to block the running back, and the running back ran it in for a touchdown.

Miles got immediately benched the next day in practice. Instead of Each being a good friend to Miles, he Just game Miles more steroids the gain muscle to get his Job back, Miles refuses to take the steroids because he knows it is not the right thing to do. Over the next few weeks, Mile’s attitude changes and he Just doesn’t care. He stops trying, but not practicing didn’t prepare for the last game of the season. The starting safety gets injured, and Coach Stall calls Mile’s name to go in the game.

There was 5 seconds left, and the left corncrake got burned on the Hail Mary pass and the other team got six points. The score is now 7-6. Miles got ready for the extra point. The center snapped the ball and Miles leapt over the pile up to block the extra point. The Eagles, Mile’s team, won by one. The entire team started cheering, but Coach Stall just started to get even angrier. He said Miles didn’t do his Job, which meant that Miles was supposed to stay in the backfield if the other team was to fake the extra point.

He said that Miles is disobedient and benched him for the rest of the season, which is how the book ends. I enjoyed this book. It was about sports and real life problems that an athlete may have to face. I really enjoy football and this book taught me what every day problems that other high school kids may be facings. It taught me about peer pressure and how to say no, which is an important thing to know in life. I would recommend this book to everybody who likes to read. Works Cited Coy, John. Crackerjack. New York: Scholastic, 2005. Crackerjack Summary By kowtowing


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