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Consequences of using drugs

Consequences of using drugs Many people would ask: why do people use drugs? Or what is the interesting thing about having that vice? Drugs act as poisons, when people have the first time using would begin internal and external situations. Saying that drugs have become the greatest misfortune of society is an exaggerated form of referring to the situation. No one sector of life is free from this outbreak. Crime and violence are obvious consequences, but the lack of morality, education ruined and, of course, ruined lives are less serious and are equally widespread.

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Inside of health issues we have serious robbers that we need to take control between how it is affected into Problems in main Organs and Withdrawal Symptoms. In main organs we have the heart, when this situation it is not solved in time is possible heart attacks, Also, It may occur problems similar to snuff smoking such as bronchitis and lung infections, and contain many substances that can cause cancer in the lungs. But the problem doesn’t stop there; we have the most important thing, the brain and the mind, using drugs affects hardly those things it would be affected into remembering and learning new information every day.

When we are talking about withdrawal symptoms, we are referring about lack of main vitamins of the body (C, 81, Magnesium and so on… ), people could fall in insomnia, depression, headaches and it is getting worse, addiction. Finally people make disasters when they are eating, almost never they eat something healthy for example: like a “plate of beef, rice or plantain” they eat more than they usually eat, in this context they get abuse eating 4 or 5 plates of that.

Apart from knowing that the problems of drug abuse in the body cause irreversible image, we have the other point of view very highlighted; relationship problems and relations in general. When we talk about relationship problems we refer to a therapeutic level, including education begins at home, which is usually the base and the main thing that can both continue the epidemic of drug abuse and even leave altogether. Among a dysfunctional family where neglect the welfare of each member of them.

We found that a family is not communicating or trying to solve the problems in a healthy way, and even lie, steal; because these cases have reached a person gets cake his own life. On the other hand, the person who comes to drug abuse, you can even experiment with drugs more deadly and dangerous than was previously using, for this situation to relate the more people who use other drugs, this would be the beginning of the end of a person who is totally unknown and unconscious.

In general appearance, people usually become dependent on drugs tend to change the friendships they had to others who possess drugs. There is an interesting aspect to healthy friendships change the “friends” who kill, because for a moment it may seem hat everything is “fine”, when in fact the person regains if he realizes that is lost or perhaps worse, the person feels completely alone and rest is as “unique” option to repeat events with drugs again and again, until death.

Drugs for a moment can “relax” or rather “cure suffering” because actually drug abuse is an epidemic, destroys the body step by step, each time as the years pass the person entered a degree of perdition where his body is completely addicted and very importantly, can avoid this disaster, help those who depend on this horrible threat.


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