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Company’s Profile

Big Heart Financing Company, LTD is a financing company composed of five(5)members, namely; Skuzzier Mae Baldness, Ivory Dreamer, Or-Yen Balkan, Catherine Conway and Ever Lumbar. The company is located at AAA Lopez Jean Street, Ajar, Lillo City with a starting capital of PA,OHO. The mission of the company is to provide reasonable monetary lending services especially to the deprived Filipinos. At Big Heart, we aim to aid Filipinos who are in deed of financial assistance, to serve and to uplift the welfare of the community.

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The company maintains its stand to be a friendly lender and advisor in whatever cases or issues the customers might have. We seek to be the accessible credit source of choice whenever one needs help with money matters. The company aspires to pave the way for the Filipino life from underprivileged one to a financial success. Through all the services we provide, we wish to enable financial stability and promote self-sufficiency to Filipinos especially Longs, regardless if they are still tidying or working.

Big Heart Financing Company Limited Organizational Structure and Lending Policies President: Or-Yen Balkan Vice President: Skuzzier Mae Baldness Treasurer: Catherine Conway Auditor: Ever Lumbar Credit Officer: Ivory Dreamer Big Heart Financing Company Limited provides loan servicing and collection only in Lillo City. Big Heart is currently servicing a personal loans to customers. This loan product is designed to be used for different purposes. It can be availed to fund any or renovation), vacations, gadgets and other purposes.

This loan is available for self- employed individuals, business owners, students and others with a source of income that is different from salary. Consumers must follow these fair lending rules and regulations: Alienable Amount Minimum of PH 500. 00; Maximum of PH 2,000. 00 Interest Rate to 3. 5% Mode of Payment Cash Payment Co-Borrower member of the family, relatives, friends (they should be working or have source of recurring income) Flexible Payment Terms 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month Processing Time 1 Day or maybe shorter depends upon transaction


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