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100 Hours of Time Well Spent Do high school students have too much free time? What can parents do to keep teenagers off the couch? The answer could be mandatory community service. Students should have to complete 100 hours of community service as a diploma requirement. When students do more hours, it gives them more Job experience, they give more to the community, and it practices important skills needed for their future. Job experience is an important thing for building a teen’s future.

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When doing olunteer work, students get to see what it is like to have a Job and students can decide what kind of work is suitable for them. 40 hours of community service is not enough and easy to get. Doing 100 hours of community service can make the teen feel bored doing their community hours at one place, so they might find other places to do them. Doing community hours at different places opens different windows to the student. If a student gets experience for their future career, they would gain more confidence. Building confidence is an important skill for a teen’s future.

When a person goes for a Job interview, having confidence is something the interviewer is looking for. Universities are looking for a well-rounded person. 100 community hours of community service is a good thing to put in an application. Students doing 100 hours of community service would also benefit the community. After students finish their hours, they would usually get stop going to the place where he/she got them (ex. community centre). By doing 100 hours, community entres would hold onto their volunteers longer, so there are more helpers available.

People might say that 100 hours is too long, but if students want to make the hours go by faster, they must be dedicated when they volunteer. When I play computer, time goes by very fast, but if I wanted a class to end quickly, time seems to go by slowly. If they are having fun while volunteering, and/or they are very dedicated, it would go by quickly. Doing more community hours develops essential skills for the teen’s life. One important skill for the teen is time management. Students have to do 100 hours throughout their whole high school career.

If they cannot complete 100 hours during their four years, then there is a problem. Time management is important for all careers in the future. If a client or a boss wants something done as soon as possible, a person needs to manage his time to find the fastest way to finish, or else there might be some serious consequences. Another skill that students develop is relationships and connections. When entering the work force (especially business), aving good connections is a key to be successful.

For example, a person sets up a store that is selling computers. Having good connections with people can help him/ her get more customers and give helpful advice. Completing 100 hours of community service should be mandatory for all high school students. Not only does it benefits students in the long term, but also benefits the community. Teenagers today are getting lazier and lazier. All they need is some work to do. The world will be a benefit a lot with more volunteers around. Community Hours By alvdar


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