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Who Am I In today’s day and age society has separated itself into various groups that have are defined by a certain label. This label would be any characteristic that makes them unique. Some may label their selves differently from what the average person would on first glance. This creates conflict and segregation in society. Cliques and labels can sometimes be a positive thing, but more often than not they cause conflict. The reason behind cliques and labels is for people to find somewhere they fit in. Small social groups are Just a bunch of people with common interests with a likeability factor that makes an individual feel comfortable.

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This appeals to someone because these groups can be welcoming and help you find your own unique spot in society. However on the downside of a separated society we run into a problem. Depending on what clique you belong to you may be denied your first impression on someone. The labeling part gives people a predetermined opinion of you. This causes certain groups not to communicate with each other or have conflicts. On another note, classifying people into groups makes for a lot of misconception in society. The phrase “Never Judge a book by its cover,” comes into play because we usually make rash opinions of someone upon our first impression.

Time after time we are guilty of doing the opposite. For example, some people have the notion that I’m a sock because of the people I surround myself with. However, I’m not a Sock at all, I don’t play any sports or go to the gym avidly. Another perception people have of me is that I’m a skater. This is probably because the way I dress. The first thing people see is your appearance and that’s what they base you first impression on. Well in actuality I’m no skater, I Just enjoy the laid back, comfortable fashion style. Accordingly, I do belong to some unique cliques.

I will admit that I’m a slacker, the definition of procrastination pretty much sums it up. Despite laziness I’m actually very smart in my academics, but I wouldn’t place myself in the clique with all the AP kids. I definitely belong to the ‘gamer’ group as I enjoy video games Just as much as the average kid; maybe a little too much. I do consider myself a loner even though you can find me with a group of friends most of the time. I prefer to work alone and usually separate myself from the main group. I guess I could be considered a prep in some terms.

I do care about school and I try to make myself look presentable at all times. I try to be unique so I don’t really see myself in many groups. To be frank, cliques and labels is all about weeding out peoples similarities and interests. Grouping society can having positive points such as being comfortable, and feeling like you belong. However it does have negatives like the fact that we separate ourselves from others and Judging people before we really know them. My stand on these is unopposed, they’ll exist as long as we do. That’s all I goat say about that. Cliques & Labels By marker


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