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Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Cleopatra and Mark Antony BY ktodd999 The love story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony Can you imagine loving someone so much you would kill yourself if you found out he or she was died? We almost become infatuated with this idea. Throughout history there has been an amply amount of forbidden tragic love stories. They all have the same sad ending, someone, killing him or herself over the loss of a loved one. There is one tragic love story that started them all. Many of us know the brilliant story of Romeo and Juliet, well this love story helped make that love story.

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The story I’m talking about is about a sedative queen and a killing machine. Their names are Mark Antony and Cleopatra VI’. Cleopatra was born around the year 69 B. C. to king Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V Tryphaena. Many historians don’t know for sure if Cleopatra the V is her true mother. The people of Egypt thought Cleopatra’s father was weak and they sometimes called him Auletes, which, means flute player. After her parents died, 18-year-old Cleopatra and 10-year-old brother Ptolemy XIII were passed down the Egyptian throne. This meaning they got married.

Since her brother was so young Cleopatra mainly ruled while her brother Just sat back and watched. This made Ptolemy vary bitter and anger towards his sister. So Ptolemys advisors started to go against Cleopatra. With little options the young queen had to flee Egypt. She ended up in Syria were she quickly raised an army of her own. That following year with her mercenaries army, she returned to Egypt’s eastern broader to take on her younger brother. Cleopatra and her army were not doing so hot, so, she seek out the help of Roman general Julius Caesar.

Caesar knew if he helped Cleopatra she would be in debt with him for the rest of her life. He also knew that Egypt had a lot of money and he had a lot of debts he needed to pay off. Caesar agrees and they end up winning. Ptolemy fled Alexandria and Cleopatra owed everything to Caesar. Caesar stayed in Alexandria for a while and the people where not to fond of it. Egyptians weren’t vary friendly towards foreigners. The two of them seemed to really like each other and maybe even be have ben in love. Around the year 47 B. C. she gave birth to a son whom is believed to be Caesars.

The people of Alexandria even referred to him as “little Caesar. ” A year after the birth of their son they left Alexandria and went to Rome. Only in Rome for a couple of years Caesars own son Brutus murdered him on the Ides of March in 44B. C. After her lover was murdered Cleopatra went back to Egypt. Caesars right hand man Mark Antony also left Rome dressed as a slaved. Not gone for too long, Mark decided instead of running like a coward he needed to go back and defend his friend. So he did, Mark gave a powerful eulogy and raised an army to kill Brutus.

In charge of the will Mark was a little disappointed to find out that 17- year- old Octavian was the beneficiary. Octavian was Caesars adopted son, and Mark and him did not get along. Putting there differences aside Mark and Octavian started planning the second triumvirate. They knew they needed someone else with lots of money so they picked Marcus Lepidus. This was still not enough so they went to Cleopatra. Cleopatra sent four Roman legions, which were in Egypt because of Caesar, to help the there men. They ended up victorious and it is now known as the second triumvirate.

They both agreed Octavian would rule the West and Antony would rule the East. Mark Antony was already thinking about what his next step would be. He left the triumphal and planned to organize and supply an army to invade Parthia. He knew that Casers was playing on doing this before he was brutally murdered. Antony wanted to thank Cleopatra for helping them win the triumvirate and wanted to ask her for help. So he summed her to meet him at the city of Tarsus. Cleopatra sailed to the city on an over the top boat, and dressed in robes of Isis. Antony only being a man was seduced by her charm.

Mark swore to protect Egypt and Cleopatra’s crown. He supported the removal of her younger sister Arsinoe to exile. Cleopatra agreed to finance him. Shortly after Cleopatra sailed back to Egypt. Leaving his third wife Fulvia and their children in Rome he followed her to Egypt. Spending the winter of 41-40 B. C. etting to know each other a little better, Antony decided he needed to get back on track. A couple of months after he left Cleopatra gave birth to twins. There names were Alexander Hellos, which, means the sun and Cleopatra Selene, which, means the moon.

Mark Antony could not go back to Egypt to meet his babies yet. He had to stay in Rome and prove his loyalty to Octavian. After Antonys wife died from being ill, he decided the best way to show your loyalty is to marry into someone family. Mark married Octavian’s half sister Octavia. Together they moved to Athens and had two daughters together both name Antonia. For a short while the two boys seemed to be getting along. Antony finally departed for his Parthian campaign, but got side tracked once again by Cleopatra in Syria.

She had the twins with her and Mark Antony was so happy he decided he wanted to marry her. They had another child and named him Ptolemy Philadelphus. The Parthian campaign was not going so well. There was no military gains and he loss about 20,000 men. He decided it was over. On his way back he bypassed Athens and went start to Alexandra. Octavia was furious! If that wasn’t bad enough Antony even divorced her by sending an official notice to Rome stating hat she and their children must leave the house. This not only made Octavian furious it also upset the Senate.

The Senate swore an oath of loyalty to Octavian. Antony was also outlawed and war was declared on Cleopatra. Meanwhile in Alexandria Antony declared Caesars and Cleopatra’s son the rightful era and awarded land to all of his children. Doing this only pisted Octavian and the Senate off more. Cleopatra and Antony prepared for Octavian. The Battle of Actium took place in 31 B. C. Enemies of Octavian rallied to Antony’s side, but this wasn’t enough. Octavian ad many brilliant military commanders, and was very successfully right out of the gate.

After a lot of heavy fghting, Cleopatra broke free and took with her 60 of her finest ships set sail back to Alexandria. Not to far behind them Antony broke through and started to sail back as well bring with him Just one other ship. When the two lovebirds got back together they knew they didn’t have that much time together. They both decided that they would kill themselves before Octavian would. Despite there great loss at the battle it still took a year for Octavian to reach the land of Alexandria. Cleopatra retreated to her mausoleum and barricaded the doors.

Antony heard a rumor that Cleopatra killed herself. Divested, knowing life wouldn’t be worth living without her he ordered one of the salves to kill him. The slave could not do it and ended up killing himself so Mark Antony had no other choice. He drunkley fell onto his sword. Mark Antony did not die right away, Cleopatra’s slaves found him and made him a makeshift stretcher and took him to her. Felling terrible and full of grief she with the help of her slaves set up and get her ready for death. Dressed in her finest clothing and on a gold couch she takes an asp nd has it bit her.

Some stories say that she let it bit her nipple but I don’t think she was that crazy, other stories say that the snake was brought in a basket of figs. Whatever the true story is she killed herself for the man she loves. Cleopatra and Mark Antony were truly in love. So in love that they couldn’t stand to think about not being with each other. Tragic love stories will always be in our history as well in our future. We love thinking about them, reading about them, and trying to understand them. The truth is we may never truly understand why people do the things they do for love.


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