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The genealogical environment is a very competitive, and challenging to for the Chromosome due to similar products and emerging technologies. Red tape and regulations concerning internet TV is yet to be seen, but the increasing popularity of watching entertainment online will bring political pressure to regulate the internet even more. The micro conditions facing Chromosome are competitors, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Sony, and other mobile phone companies who are all after the same market share.

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Goggle aggressively recruits and competes with other tech companies or talented employees who design creative products, such as the Chromosome, Android, and mobile phones. Google is also competing for customers with other search engines for advertising dollars. The opportunity facing Google is that it will be on multiple platforms increasing their market penetration using the chrome SO along with its ecosystem. It will keep users loyal to that same ecosystem of sites, service and APS, and entice others to join them (Seizer).

The alternative strategy in being chrome-centric is for Google to rate it’s own content regarding media, so that Google won’t have to rely solely on it’s technology, which means that Google would have alternative media sources for it’s customers. I recommend this alternative, because this would add an additional stream of revenue; by charging subscription fees to view movies or exclusive TV shows. It also allows for Google to become a media provider, rivaling the traditional media Juggernauts.

Tracking metrics that indicate effectiveness of this project are: Product performance, which measures the revenue of the Chromosomes after the implementation of my strategy; sales growth, which measures current sales of the Cremates; demographic, which measures who is purchasing Chromosome, and helps penetrate the target market (KIP Examples). Google is expanding its ecosystem and entering markets to gain greater penetration for its flagship SO, Chrome, which is a part of their overall strategy to collect the world’s information and make it easily accessible and efficient.


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