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Time Line Hebrews Israelites Nation of Israel with a King – 1020 B. C. Destruction of Judas by the Babylonians – 587 Time Line – Foreign Domination Exile Persian Period – 539 Greek Period Roman Period Judaism Monotheism Sacred Text; makes them unique Christianity Destruction of Jerusalem – 70 A. D. Arrangement Hebrew Bible – TANK Law/ Torah Prophets / Nevi ‘IM Writings / Ketchum Old Testament Law / Pentateuch (five scrolls) History Wisdom Literature & Psalms Prophets Law or Pentateuch Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteron Narrative History Structural / Legislative Law = ? Instruction / Teaching

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Nature of Creator – Relationship of Created to Creator “what does that god does, or gods, where do they operate, is it a god to trust” Nature of Creation – Relationship with each other “human to human, human to god” GENESIS Introduction Composite Documentary Hypothesis 0, E, D, P) 1ST word became the title Berkshire (Hebrew) = Genesis (Greek) = “In beginning” Etiology -beginning Chapters 1-11 Primeval Tradition Chapters 12-50 Ancestral History 1-11 Beginning of Life Creation (1-3) Killing/Cain & Able (4) Genealogy (5) Flood story (6-9) Genealogy (10-11) Tower of Babel (11) – how they became so diverse Symmetrical Structure 1:1 – 2:3

Command “God said,” “and it was so,” Execution Assessment “saw that it was good,” Time Counting of days Day 1 Animals, Humanity Day 7 Affirmation of Sabbath (most important institutions of Jewish life) Genesis 1:1 – 2:3 Order out of formless water & darkness Spoken work = creation force Progression & Climax with humanity Image of God = Male and Female Dominion, multiply and fill Very good! How does the 2nd description of creation in Genesis Differ from the first? 2:4 – 3 24 Creation Retold Setting= Land & water God formed & breathed Eden (garden of delight): 2 trees – life & Knowledge of good and evil Prohibition=

Responsibility & choice Answer to being alone – Affirmation of marriage Serpent (Trickster) Temptation = ? Immediate Consequences – relationship between Adam and eve, and god and them Penalty Serpent – eternity and dust Woman – pain in birth and subordination in life Man – labor in the dust until he returns to it Removal Was? From the garden, because god did not wanted for the corruption that Adam and eve had wouldn’t be perpetuated to future generations or forever. 8/29/12 Creation and Creation Corrupted (fall) in 1-3 Fallout 4-11 Noah: Re-creation Noah Covenant (6-9) What is the world situation as one enters the Noah story?

How is Noah Depicted? One who walks with God, righteous How is God depicted in the story? The provider and the destructor What is to be concluded from the narrative regarding Nosh’s sacrifice in 8:20-22? After Noah gets down the boat he offers a sacrifice, and god reacts as “l will never curse earth again because of humankind” Humanity and evil filling the earth But Noah Forces- destruction and preservation Sacrifice and vow Blood means life If destruction is not the ultimate answer, what is? Redemption 1 1:26-25:18 Abraham 1 1:26-32 Introductory Information (line of seem) terra from Our to Harlan (Abraham, Manor, Harlan)

Abram Sari-Important Info Lot-Nephew calling Abram, age 75 Faith Journey (Leave Harlan) Journey to Egypt (famine) Abram builder of altars Abraham Covenant 1. Many offspring (people) 2. Nation with land (Place/Promised Land) 3. Presence that protects 4. Blessing to all families of world (Purpose) Lot and Abram split (13-14) Covenant (1 5)* Lord: minor reward will be great” Abram: “inheritance goes to Likelier” Lord: descendants will be as numerous as the stars Abram response–0 1 Surrogate Parenting (16)* Abram, age 86 Sari Hager What causes the problems in the relationship between Sari and Hager?

Hager can vive birth to children Shame Covenant (17)* Name change – Abraham Sign of Circumcision ? Name change – Sari to Sarah Abraham laughing and pleading for Shame Encounter at Hebrew (18)* Announcement and laughter of Sarah Negotiation between Abraham and the Lord “will the righteous be swept away with the wicked? ” Fulfillment (21) Birth of Isaac Dismissal of Shame Abraham Tested (22)* Climax in Abraham narrative Threat/conflict Test Gift or gift giver Name? “The lord will provide” covenant Affirmed End of the Abraham Narrative (23-25) Death of Sarah – Buried in the Cave of Michael Securing Rehab for Isaac.

Death of Abraham Jacob 25-50 Isaac and Rehab Seas Lab Lea and Rachel Joseph How would you compare or contrast Jacob to his grandfather Abraham? Traditions Marriage within the family/clan Birthright Jacob 25 Struggle in the womb Birth Jacob Favoritism – Birthright sold (Characterization) Covenant: Jacob (27) Intention of Isaac Blessing of Jacob Vow of seas Journey of Jacob At bethel (28) Lord’s Promise Jacobs Response Jacobs Journey In Harlan: Contest with Lab 20 years 2 wives: Rachel and lea 11 sons Jacobs return (32-33) Messengers & messages Prayer Gifts Terror at Jabot Jacob becomes Israel Reunion with Seas


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