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A short play to promote healthy eating. Duration: 15 minis Target Age: 5-9 years and special needs This script is supported by two songs (with backing tracks) on a CD and a simple melody-line score available from Magic Parrot Productions, 14 Bolton Close, Kensington, Surrey, KIT EGG, England http://www. Emancipator. Com Email: [email protected] Com Suitable for “karaoke style” performance- Just play the musical backing tracks while the children Sing along. CHIPS!

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CAST: School Children: Sarah, Matthew, Alan, Anthony, Blinder, and Andy. Other school children (optional) President of the USA (or Prime Minister) Catering assistant(s) Narrator and singers. Props needed: 2 tables and 6 chairs, two menu boards, padding or cushions to make all children increase dramatically in weight! Optional: plates, cutlery, Jug of water, beakers Pretend food: A bowl of chips, burgesses, chicken, vegetables, chocolate pudding, fresh fruit, large salt pot Posters made in class by the children during their lessons on healthy diets. E. G. “Too much salt hurts your heart”, “Be Kind to Your Teeth- Eat Less sugar”, “A balanced diet ivies you energy’, “No No No to Fizzy Drinks”, mimes Yes Yes to Nice Fresh Fruit” etc. ) SCENE ONE A school dining hall. On a table rear there is a large bowl of chips, a tray holding a pile of beef burgers and two other trays, one with chicken on it and the other with vegetables. (These can be depicted with drawings or props) The catering assistant(s) stands behind the table. The children are seated at another table with a large salt pot in the middle of it.

Matthew knows there is already a lot of salt in some foods so he doesn’t want to add more because too much salt is not good for us. (Pause) And now it’s time for dessert. There’s chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, or fresh fruit. I wonder what they will choose. (Children line up again in the same order as before) CATERER: to each child in turn) What would you like today? CHILDREN: (Individually, except Matthew and Sarah) Chocolate pudding please! Thank you. (They each return to their seats to eat. ) CATERER. (TO Sarah) Chocolate pudding? SARAH: No thank you.


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