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How Industrialization Affected the South

Why was the South slow to industrialized after the Civil War? How did industrialization affect the South? Pages 544 and 545 After the American Civil War the South was left in ruins, and the government did many things to oppress them and keep them under the North. One of the first being the Military Reconstruction Act. This slowed down the development of the south because the north forced them to focus their efforts on the reform of their governments rather than the development of the economy.

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However, more importantly, the main transportation system in the entry at the time was dominated by the north. This was the Railroad system. The main problem that inhibited the south was that the northerners implemented a system where manufactured goods from the north and southern raw materials were cheap to transport. This kept the southerners in a niche of providing raw materials to the north by meaner of providing cheap prices for the transportation of raw materials. 2) What is a labor union? Back in the sass’s many workers in the United States were treated unfairly.

They irked long hours with small breaks in dangerous conditions with little pay. Many people would complain, and most of these people would end up getting fired so at the time people were too scared to stand up again their bosses and demand better pay or better working conditions. This was when labor unions were formed. Labor Unions are groups of people usually working in the same field or profession that protest against their bosses together in order to try and pressure them to change their current working conditions.

Additionally, they work to protect the right of borers in America by ensuring that employers aren’t unfair towards their employees. 3) What strategies did corporations use to control workers? What strategies did unions employ to fight back? Some strategies that the corporations used to control workers is by threatening to fire them because there will always be someone else willing to take the Job. Also, if a group of workers decide to go on strike the corporation could easily import workers to take the Jobs of those on strike, or they would also hire goons which would scare the people back to work.

Additionally, some companies could request the states authority to have the workers abandon the stroke and go back to work. Another, tactic they would use is lock out the workers until they grew of hunger and had no choice but to go back to work. 4) Why did the Knights of Labor die? The Knights of labor was overall a failure. The first problem with the Sights of Labor was the internal conflicts it exhibited. This Knights of labor we comprised mainly of two types of workers; the skilled craft unionists and the unskilled industrial unionists.

The skilled unionist were resentful towards the unskilled unionists because they felt that they were dragging them down since whenever the industrial unionists went on strikes the corporations Just hired scabs until the workers gave up. Additionally, because of these internal conflicts they were unable to create stable infrastructure necessary to organize strikes and other demonstrations. 5) Compare and contrast the knights of Labor with the American Federation of Labor Knights of Labor Failed strikes No organization Violent Reputation Craft Unionist and industrial Unionist Craft unionists


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