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Cause and Effect Essay

Causes of Stress on a College Student College students experience a lot of stress because of different causes that affect their daily life. Here are some reasons on why college students are stressed. First, we have the stress caused by adapting to a new life. College students have a heavier workload compared to their high school life. It is also in this phase that we experience the letting loose of teachers and parents to college students that will result to their being more independent. In there, we also experience the challenge to cope up with the new standards in our academics. Second one is the stress caused by peer pressure.

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We meet a new set of people once we enter college. We create a new social network in this part of our life. In connection with this, students do their best to keep up to the trend of their new network. We also have problems in balancing our time going out with friends with our academics. Third one is the stress causes by relationships. As said, it is in college that we meet our new networks wherein relationships are built. Stress enters when we start having problems and misunderstandings with your partner. We also encounter the problem of time management here wherein we spend more time with our partner than our studies.

Another is being heartbroken that leads to lack focus on your academics. Lastly, stress caused by miscellaneous. Most college students pay for their own tuition fees. Stress enters here when having a heavy workload as well. Students have to study at day and work at night or vice versa. Because of this they receive a heavy schedule which often leads to lack of sleep. There are more causes to stress and my advice on how to prevent this is to have a balance between academics, friends, work and relationships. This can be done by having a mindset from the start and knowing our priorities.


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