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Diverse Culture essay

he two poems that will be studied are: “Half Caste” by John Agard and “Search for my Tongue” by Sujata Bhatt. Agard has written his poem to raise awareness that mixed raced people are just as important as single coloured people. Agard was born on the 21st June 1949 inRead More

Psychoanalytic and Behaviourist Schools

Behaviourism was considered to be founded by Watson in the early1900’s. Watson as a psychologist looked at other methods of psychological research examples such as the method of introspection developed by Wundt. Watson looked at structuralism and functionalism and felt that the results were not accurate as they only appliedRead More

Victorian women

Like most Victorian women they were well dressed. They wore long dresses with veils. Most Victorian women were not very strong so they needed people like Sherlock Holmes to depend upon because he was strong and safe. Many Victorian did not have control over their own lives. In The Speckled BandRead More

Life and Beliefs in Victoria Society

Discuss what “The Man with the Twisted Lip” and “The Speckled Band” Reveal about Life and Beliefs in Victoria Society In the Victorian Times the Victorian’s believed that the ideal man had a lot of standards to meet. They had to be Polite, Brave, Reliable and Intelligent. Sherlock Holmes met allRead More

The Speckled Band

We react to the story in that we really try to find out how the girl was killed. I know that when I was reading ‘The Speckled Band’ and had to put it down, I kept thinking about how the murder had happened, and it was almost a relief toRead More

Sherlock Holmes

We are not told much about the personality and background of Sherlock Holmes, but we can observe how he solves the crime in this story. We see how Holmes notices little details that we would not necessarily see, or regard as important. For example, he can tell that Helen StonerRead More

The reader to identify with the main character in each story

Discuss to what extent the writer allows the reader to identify with the main character in each story. I am going to write about two stories from the detective genre. These stories are ‘The Speckled Band’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Roald Dahl. ‘The SpeckledRead More

Dramatically effective

Discuss the ways in which the final scene in act one from “A View from the Bridge” is dramatically effective. Miller makes the final scene in act one so dramatically effective by using every conversational topic to build up this tension right up until the end when tension is paramount. ThroughoutRead More

Dickens uses

The rise of tension has become very slow but the readers are still anticipating what is going to happen. We find out that Magwich was sent to live in Australia and he became a sheep-farmer. All Victorian readers would know that if a criminal was sent abroad to live thenRead More

Pip’s surprise

After describing the weather Dickens goes back to emphasising how alone Pip is ‘it has not now so lonely a character as it’ Pip is in a very isolated setting. To add more suspense to the scene Dickens relates back to chapter one when the convict escapes ‘like discharges ofRead More