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The structure of the poem

The structure of the poem is as important in poems to help convey the idea and feeling to the reader, as the words are at times. ‘Tall Nettles’ and ‘Thistles’ are structured completely different from each other, therefore the urgency or climax of the poem is placed at a differentRead More

Mistress of Mankind

Alliteration is a formal feature devised by Wilmot, in instances towards the poems end, with the ‘willing womb’, ‘mighty mind’ and ‘mistress of mankind’. Wilmot also uses capital letters for words such as “Face”, “Mind” and “Sense”, in the middle of lines. This is a feature, seemingly used to makeRead More

Sun Stand Still

In this quote Age and Heart both start with a capital letter, they are also the two most important lines in the sentence, and by the poet adding capital letters at the beginning of these words he has added extra emphasis to these words. Also Marvell has used alliteration inRead More

Heany carries

In both of the poems journeys they change, from positive to negative. From happiness and being excited to feeling vulnerable and disappointment. The moods of the woman and boy and atmosphere are changed by the discovery of something new. The woman discovers that nature is not always nice but canRead More

Vegetable love

“To His Coy Mistress” is written in enjambment; this is when the end of the line is not punctuated but flows into the next examples of this are lines 3, 5, 6,7,21 etc. He uses enjambments because it helps to sub stain the argument because it is continuous. He alsoRead More

Volpone’s weakness

It is debatable, however, that Mosca’s manipulative personality would make him the dominant character without Volpone’s weakness of character as, on several occasions, when Volpone is thinking for himself Mosca influences his thoughts for his own gain and takes control of the situation. Jonson shows this immediately in the play,Read More

Original air-blue gown

In many of the poems that Hardy wrote about Emma there is something to do with ghosts or haunting and these type of poems are the ones where Hardy seems to be having a breakdown of some sort as if remembering how their relationship and love wasn’t really real isRead More

Respects Shakespeare

‘Anne Hathaway,’ is a poem which doesn’t depict men in such a harsh light. Duffy uses a much more romantic tone in ‘Ann Hathaway.’ She also uses devices such as metaphor, ‘…My lovers words, were shooting stars which fell to Earth as kisses.’ Here Duffy is complimentary towards the male in the relationship.Read More

Remind yourself of Act

Remind yourself of Act III scenes ii and iii. What is the importance of these two scenes in the context of the whole play in “tis pity she’s a whore”? Both these scenes work together as a catalyst for the rest of the corruption in the play and therefore act as aRead More

The habituation of Beatrice

Beatrice, entranced with his efficiency says: “here’s a man worth loving”. This remark reflects a subtle but profound change in her personality, as she seems to have grown to love him. What constitutes the essence of the tragedy, according to Eliot, is “the habituation of Beatrice to her sin; itRead More