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‘Queering” Heterosexuality

Women Gender and Sexuality Studies Course title: Queer Gender paper subject/title: ‘Queering’ Heterosexuality Heterosexuality is universally described as having a desire or sexual contact with someone of the opposite sex from one’s own. This particular definition of heterosexuality for the most part, has remained relatively unquestioned. In turn, this hasRead More

College Essay

Shaquille Riston Ohio State University College Essay “Why are you considering the Ohio state university? The Ohio State University has been a college of my choice for multiple reasons. I always wanted to attend a college that would benefit me in a positive way. Before my visit to Ohio StateRead More

Railroads of the Great West

What was the role of the railroads in the settlement of the Great West? The role of the railroads in the late 1800’s increased the population and the economy of the Great West. With the completion of the railroads in 1869, it opened the market for the eastern and westernRead More

Examining the Prospects and Challenges

1 EXAMINING THE PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES OF IMPLEMENTING THE KYOTO PROTOCOL BY ISU, DORATHY AKWUGO JULY 2008 INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA ENUGU CAMPUS 2 ABSTRACT This paper examined the Kyoto protocol its mechanisms and implementation in the light of attaining sustainable development especially in the developing world.Read More

Npd – Home Gym

Design, Implement, Represent and Manage a Research Project for a new Product or Brand of our choice. Forecast Demand for the same. -by Ashish Datta – 8 Ameya Gondhalekar – 14 Arshad Khan – 22 Bhushan Danani – 7 Manish Tripathi – Vinod Wiyyapu – 60 Project Guide : Prof.Read More

Case Analysis of Barilla Spa

CASE ANALYSIS OF BARILLA SPA Problem seen in Barilla SpA by Giorgio Maggiali-Director of logistics is the demand fluctuations imposed on the company manufacturing & distribution system. Brando Vitali which was an earlier Director of logistics in Barilla SpA proposed an idea of Just- in- time distribution (JITD) for thisRead More

Week 9 Final Project Student Survival Guide

This survival guide has been put together to help me achieve academic success while attending Axia College Online. This guide will focus on six main topics. The topics covered will be: Using Axia’s Educational Resources, Upholding Academic Honesty, Setting and Achieving Goals, Managing Time Wisely, Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention,Read More

19th Century Industrial Capitalism and the Youth Crisis of New York City.

19th Century Industrial Capitalism and the Youth Crisis of New York City. With the transformation of American society from a commonwealth model to a capitalistic one, young American men left their families and pursued their individual interests. Quickly, American society realized that the new system had many defects. The processRead More

Twitter Swot

Strengthens •Huge number of Members –1000’s of implicit celebrities endorsements makes them a strong market position in micro-messaging –Indeed, 2008 was a year of tremendous growth and media coverage for Twitter. Even CNN and NPR incorporated Twitter into their election coverage. Nielsen Online reported that Twitter’s userbase grew 343% lastRead More

American History X Movie

American History X This is my favorite movie. One would think that America as a more modern society is moving forward with affirmative action, equal rights, and government laws. Differences in skin color and cultural beliefs are the visual characteristics that have caused various hate crimes. Laws that give non-whiteRead More


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