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Project Globe and Women of France

It may seem strange that some big corporations would do business in different countries where their laws, local customs, or business practices are not known, but it does happen. Multinational corporations have played a key role in globalization to date. Countries and some sub national regions must compete against oneRead More

Complexity Theory

This study explores the fundamental tension between too little and too much structure. Observed in multiple streams of research, this tension is associated with the tradeoff between flexibility and efficiency that is central in dynamic markets. Using the strengths of simulation to confirm internal validity and to elaborate theory throughRead More

Balanced capacity

It should come as no surprise that software companies in today’s world need to excel in innovation and customer focusing in order to achieve competitive advantage. The software industry is highly competitive and in constant change. Software companies need to effectively learn how to change and adapt to the newRead More

Goal setting theory

In order to motivate co-operative member, six alternatives are discussed such as Maslow’s need-hierarchy theory, theory X and theory Y, ERG theory, McClelland’s theory of needs, Goal setting theory, Reward system in the previous section. However the author pointed out that co-operatives organisation’s motivation methods are in align with theRead More

Special Interest

For this section of the report, I have chosen to concentrate on the Ethics and Branding area of contemporary brand management. I decided upon this area because Guinness is in the alcoholic beverage market which is a topic surrounded by controversy. Ethical Branding is defined by Fan as “a subsetRead More

Cultural influences

Consumers may form evaluations of brands based on their cultural influences such as religion, in which certain brands may not be up to their religious expectation. In today’s society, culture has been integrated into different levels, for instance sub-culture may consist of ‘rockers’ who may evaluate brands solely on theRead More

TV and Internet

Workers’ gross average monthly income in 2000 was DKr 19,790. Household incomes tend to be high in Denmark, owing to the large proportion of working women. There is a big difference between the gross income and the disposal income. The personal disposal income, income after paying the taxes, in averageRead More

Venture screening process

The new venture is “an enterprise of a business nature in which there is considerable risk of loss as well as chance of gain” (Oxford English Dictionary, 1989, Vol. XIX, p. 520). The word ‘venture’ literally means ‘a risky undertaking’, which makes venture capitalists’ risk-takers. However, like all other typesRead More

Culture on performance

Gordon and DiTomaso (1992) also investigated culture strength as well as adaptability and stability and measured the growth of assets and premiums in eleven insurance companies over six years. This study suggests that culture strength and adaptability are positively related to profitability. Kotter and Heskett (1992) present various studies thatRead More

What Is an Entrepreneur?

Everyone loves a hero-an individual whose standards we revere, whose accomplishments we respect. We adore and realise persons who project forward to trial certain thing new and end up benefitting an owner of other people. These features recount the essence of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is one who claims, “There isRead More


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