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Cancer looks like

Rhetorical Question) About 15 billion, yeah that’s right 15 BILLION cigarettes are sold daily or 10 MILLION per minute. Can you imagine how repulsive the smell of 15 BILLION cigarettes would be? Just atrocious! That’s why I feel so strongly about the use of cigarettes for anyone, both the user and the people around him or her. Firstly, though you know smoking has many dangerous affects, the biggest of them all is… DEATH! My uncle was a very heavy smoker; he started at the age of 11 because he got influenced by his friends. He isn’t here anymore, he past away from a Disease ladled Lung Cancer.

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If you have ever seen what Lung Cancer looks like, you will puke, I did. The Doctor showed me the X-Ray of my uncles’ vile lungs, they were disgusting! The Doctor told me that the normal lungs are pink and kind of squishy, but my uncles were as rigged (Diction) as the bark on a tree. I have no clue how he used to breath with those despicable lungs. His appearance wasn’t inviting at all, like anybody who would come near him would taste the abominable smell of smoke coming from all his clothes. His overall body was not fit; he looked like a stick (Hyperbole/Simile).

He had no hair on his head and these marks on his body, and if he was to pull up his shirt you could actually see the outline of his lungs, which was outrageous to see! His eyes and face were sagging as if his face was like a Bulldog. After A LOT of operations I just stopped coming over to his house, it was way to hard to see him like this, it always made me cry, to see how someone can abuse themselves without any care. My point being smoking is not right for any person; I can not believe that my uncle is not here anymore, he was a great uncle.

Over a period of time, if you keep smoking it ill eventually affect you with a disease which will lead to an excruciating death… Save yourself from this painful Future! Just because I don’t smoke these filthy cigarette butts, doesn’t make me immune to its harmful affects. Second hand smoking or passive smoking is a HUGE NO NO. All your doing is passing your disgusting fumes to someone else, which should be a crime, cause not everyone wants to die early; studies show that people who smoke die 15 years earlier than non-smokers (stance. Go. Ca).

My grandpa as a kid was God that now it’s illegal, now you can not smoke in a car with a passenger younger Han 16. My grandpa used to tell me stories of his past about how he got affected by smoking; Terrifying stories. When he used to go anywhere with his parents they always used to smoke, and he would always be inhaling the fumes, his parents didn’t know anything of how bad smoking could be for their son or for themselves. They would smoke 3 packs a day, that’s how addicted they were! So now cause of this immense interaction of smoking in his past he is regularly visiting the hospital and coughing heavily.

All in all no one should have to suffer from someone else’s diction, doesn’t matter who they are or what position in life they have (Emotional Appeal). The smell of smoking itself is distasteful and it would limit your social interaction with people. For instance, there was a group of my “old” friends smoking not too long ago, they were Just puffing away their lives, they had no care for what would happen to them in the future, their motto was to live; young, wild and free. I had a serious question to ask one of my old buddies, but I couldn’t go near him. I can’t handle the smell of cigarettes; it is so nauseating to the brain.

What I am trying to prove here is that being around people who smoke is Just a pain in the butt and anybody who has inhaled this poisonous gas before, wouldn’t disagree. It’s bad for people like me who just do not like the smell, but it’s very dangerous for asthma patients to inhale. Also people who have the Lung Diseases like pulmonary Fibrosis, who already have difficulty breathing, and any scent brought near them can create coughing, wheezing and loss of breath. I doubt anyone wants to be the cause of such side effects to the people around them Just from a cigarette.


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