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Business indicates the gender and nationality of the MBA incoming class in two successive years at the Kelly school of business at Indiana university. A- For each year, create tables of counts of gender and of nationality. Than create column charts of these counts. Do they indicate any noticeable change in the composition of the two classes? B- Repeat part a for nationality, but recode this variable so that all nationalities that have counts of 1 or 2 are classified as other. – The file POP_06. XSL lists the average time (in minutes) it takes citizens of 379 territorial areas to travel to work and back home each day. A- Create a histogram of the daily commute times. B- Find the most representative average daily commute time across this distribution. C- Find a useful measure of the variability of these average commute times around the mean. D- The empirical rule for standard deviations indicates that approximately 95% of these average travel times will fall between which two values?

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For this particular data set, is this empirical rule at least approximately correct? 20- The file POP_21 . XSL consumer confidence Index (CLC) attempts to measure people’s feelings about general business conditions, employment opportunities, and their own income prospects. Monthly average values of the CLC are listed in the file POP 20. XSL. A- Create a time series graph of the CLC values. B- Have U. S consumers become more or less confident through time?

C- How would you explain recent variations in the overall trend of the CLC? 33- The file POP_03. XSL contains data from a survey of 399 people regarding an environmental policy. Use filters for each of the following. A- Identify all respondents who female, middle age, and have two children. What is the average salary of these respondents? Environmental policy. What is the average salary of these respondents. C- Identify all respondents who strongly agree with the environmental police. Hat proportion of these individuals are young? D- Identify all respondents who are either (1) middle-aged men with at least one child and an annual salary of at least $50. 000, or (2) middle-aged women with two or fewer children and an annual salary of at least $30,000. What are the mean and median salaries of the respondents who meet these conditions? What proportion of the respondents who satisfy these conditions agree or strongly agree with the environmental policy?


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